Marine Le Pen and the French Presidential Election

On April 23rd the French people go to the polls to elect a new President. Should there be no clear winner on this day the top two candidates will go forward for a run off election on May 7th.

I failed to put my money where my mouth was during the US election so today I have put on a bet that Marine le Pen will win.

Born in August 1968, Le Pen has her Sun and Mercury in fiery Leo. She also has a Uranus Pluto conjunction, reflecting the call for change currently in the cosmos which has so far been answered by a vote for Brexit and a subsequent one for maverick Donald Trump.


At the time of the election Le Pen has the Jupiter/Uranus/Pluto T square activating three of the four angles – Ascendant, Descendant and IC, as well as her natal Saturn.    And just as with Donald Trump, her progressed Sun moves into a new 30 year phase, this time one of Libra – the same sign as that of her beloved country.


At the time of the election the French fifth republic chart is also activated – across the ascendant/descendant axis and with Pluto in the 10th house of government, indicating a radical transformation.   France is also experiencing a Saturn return, suggesting that its people are auditing how they feel and the direction the government is taking them.


Le Pen’s Midheaven plugs into the Moon of the French Republic – in other words her intentions are for the people.   Her Sun picks up the French Uranus reflecting her ideals for change, whilst her Ascendant/Descendant picks up on that of the French chart in reverse.   And with her Saturn sitting on the French South Node in the first house, she will undoubtedly work hard to bring back what she considers made France a great country.   In fact bringing back their countries to what made them great in the first place is a running theme at the moment and can be seen in the words of Donald Trump in the USA and Theresa May in the UK.


So I’m putting money on a Le Pen win.




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Lunar eclipse February 11, 2017

This month’s full Moon is the first of February’s two eclipses and the first of a series across the Leo/Aquarius axis.

The solar eclipse on the 26th of this month highlights the opposing degree of the eclipse of 1st September, 2016, so we may see a return to issues which were active at that point in time.

A Full Moon puts the spotlight on relationships with the Sun and Moon opposing each other. With this particular eclipse we see the Moon occupying the sign where the Sun feels most comfortable. So it’s a time to reflect on whether we are emotionally nurtured by the course in life we are taking. It’s a time to reflect on all relationships that we have but perhaps more importantly the relationship we have with ourself.

We still have the nasty Jupiter, Uranus Pluto T square active and, in fact, we have Jupiter now retrograding back to re-activate this energy. So we still have ratcheted up reactions, as we are seeing, for example, with the hostility towards President Trump. So this is still a time to exercise caution, to not act in haste and to really think before acting. In fact, this lunar eclipse makes a nice aspect to Donald Trump’s Sun so maybe he will get a bit of a break.

On the positive side what we do have though is that the opposition aspects between Jupiter to Uranus and the Sun to the Moon are contained within a mystic rectangle. This means that these difficult energies are encased by some positive and potentially healing energies which offer opportunities to those who perhaps want to bring resolutions to conflicts or just to calm down over reactions. But it doesn’t end with the mystic rectangle for we have Saturn making positive aspects to the mystic rectangle and creating a triangle on top of the rectangle. We could almost look at this as a pyramid with Saturn at the apex. Now Saturn does represent limitations and restrictions, but he also wants to have boundaries. So Saturn has the potential here to offer a solution here by laying down some real guidelines within conflict issues and may provide a sense of structure, resolve, responsibility and patience to situations. So, whilst we have the two sets of opposite energies tugging at each other, on the outskirts of this we have positive harmonious aspects between the Moon, Jupiter, Saturn, the Sun and Uranus trying to broker deals between the squabbling factions. This is an unusual and magical pattern and with Saturn at its ‘handle’ there is the possibility that by bringing in wisdom and responsibility we have a opportunity to bring lasting practical solutions and structure so long as we are prepared to put in the effort and the hard work that Saturn demands.

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A Brit’s take on President Trump

So, we have President Trump due to be inaugurated on Friday, January 20th, despite what opinion polls and many astrologers predicted. I hasten to add that the group I work with in the US, led by William Stickevers, consistently predicted a Trump win.

I don’t usually pontificate on US politics though because I have Americans on my Facebook who understand the lie of the land much better than me and I would not dream of stepping on their toes.

However, there is so much hysteria in America and indeed surprisingly also in the UK regarding this election and its potential effects on the world as a whole. I should start off by saying that I have no political allegiance whatsoever, but I have read bios on Hillary Clinton and am certainly no personal fan of hers.

Astrologically, the past few years have been highlighted by a clash between Pluto and Uranus – a clash with seven exact hits! Astrologically that is big! This was meant to get its point heard. The main message is change on a profound scale. The revealing of old corruptions and liberation through new behaviours and new actions. Social rebellion and turmoil. You get the gist. Now technically this aspect has passed, but we still live within the context these turmoils have brought and we also currently have the planet Jupiter move into the picture activating this square whilst ramping up and exaggerating the volume through 2017.

As we saw, no matter what shocking things Trump said or did through the election campaign, every little thing that normally would have killed a campaign actually, against every odds, saw his popularity gain momentum. Why? Right place, right time. He is the person charged with manifesting the Pluto Uranus energies. Simple as that to be honest. Sadly, in today’s politically correct climate people do not necessarily feel free to say what they really feel deep down. Just one of the reasons why the polls on the American election and Brexit got it wrong. But also the 2020’s are calling and require changes to be made before we get there. More on that further on in this blog.

Trump’s chart ‘plugs’ into the USA chart in a way which Clinton’s did not. Whatever you think of him, he is a patriot – he cares about his country and his country’s ability to be great.

Trump also ‘plugs’ into the UK chart. And if we can manage to ignore all the ‘fake news’ about him, we may find that his voice (Mercury on the UK MIdheaven and opposite the UK Sun) and the way he thinks outside the box could actually be beneficial for the UK (Trump’s Uranus opposes the UK Mercury across the second/eighth houses and Trump’s Jupiter sits in the UK’s first house conjunct the Sun/Moon midpoint).

The UK is a Capricorn country – we have a tendency to be reserved and hold on to our ‘stiff upper lip’ reputation. But actually our modus operandi is to stand out, to lead and to show our mettle to the world in a structured way (Ascendant/Midheaven midpoint in Leo conjunct Saturn). This is why we were once great, why we had an empire and why we have produced so many great people who led within their fields within the world. Interestingly, both Theresa May and Trump get this about my country. Trump’s Mars in Leo and Theresa May’s Venus in Leo sit on the UK Saturn and the Ascendant/Midheaven midpoint. So hopefully May and Trump can strike up a friendship where we are not ‘at the back of a queue’, because Trump gets our Brexit decision – we aren’t a country to tolerate being part of a group where we have little say in matters and where our views are trodden down and Theresa May automatically understands this.

So why do I say the 2020’s are calling? Because we begin some new and important cycles in that period. For now I will just speak about the first one. In December 2020 we begin a new 240 year Jupiter Saturn cycle moving from meeting in earth signs to air signs. This cycle is regarded as a great historical time marker. The current cycle began in the mid 1800’s in the earth element as we were in the throes of the Industrial Revolution. Think about what a time marker that period was for the UK and how far we have come mechanically and technologically since then.

Earth is very much about practical and financial concerns – food, population, money etc. At the end of 2020 we begin the air cycle when Jupiter and Saturn meet at 0 degrees of Aquarius. The fact that they meet at 0 degrees is also I feel significant. The Jupiter Saturn cycle is important in terms of financial systems generally – so perhaps there will be some kind of financial reset or new economic system. Air, and Aquarius, speak about communications, intellectual awakening, technology, science, space travel, language, culture, new ways of exchanging information. It is also about a humanitarian coming together. Could we possibly see some kind of religion unity? Maybe. For sure we will see an explosion of scientific discoveries, things to do with space and space travel and perhaps also what is out there in space – some kind of ET disclosure perhaps.

Because we are heading towards a cycle which augurs great change it is just not possible for us to stick with the same old, whether we like it or not and whether we feel entitled to it or not. It won’t work and it is broken.

So the USA has Trump and we in the UK have Brexit. The US has many problems to solve after eight years of a Presidency which has achieved little. The EU is a broken record and with elections coming up in France, Germany and the Netherlands who knows what will happen.

Trump has been full of surprises since he began campaigning, (as would be expected of someone who is Sun conjunct Uranus in Gemini – and don’t I know that one too). So try to put aside the news that says he is a joke, that he will just press the button in a fit of pique. Studies that I have done in a group led by William Stickevers in the US indicate that, despite the confusion and chaos that the Aries ingress chart demonstrates, Trump’s first six months of office augur well. It is the second half of 2017 which may prove more problematic for him as amongst other things his chart is particularly highlighted by the total solar eclipse in August aspecting his Mars on the Ascendant. He may hit a wall of some kind at this point but if he can overcome whatever obstacles come his way then, his presidency may just surprise the doubters.

He is a man with a destiny (Sun and Uranus conjunct the North Node and Regulus – the Royal Star – on the Ascendant and conjunct his Progressed Sun in 2016). He is the Pluto Uranus person, capable of thinking outside the box who is changing America in the lead up to the 2020’s.

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Full Moon January 12 2017

This Full Moon is a particularly potent and dynamic one.  It  highlights the Cancer/Capricorn axis and, therefore, the emphasis is on finding some kind of balance between the Moon, representing emotions we hold on deeply to and with the Sun, representing the image of ourselves we tend to put out into the public domain.   Because the Full Moon is exact not long before noon in the UK, the Sun sits high in the sky.  It is also sitting alongside Pluto, planet of transformation, which suggests that perhaps the image of ourselves that is being transformed is not currently true to the truth.  However, before we get transformation some kind of behaviour pattern needs to die so that it can indeed transform and be reborn as something which actually will serve us in a more positive fashion.


We are surrounded by difficult energies right now and I know that some people are going through some particularly challenging times.  This is reflected in the sky with an ongoing aspect between Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto which will manifest through 2017.  However, because the Sun has moved in to highlight Pluto and the Moon sits opposite, we now have these planets making up a full square and we are faced with a particularly dynamic situation.  This is a square which wants some action though which makes it particularly volatile.   We are in a period of change on a massive scale and to be honest it is difficult to second guess exactly how this will manifest short term.  This period of massive change is exactly why here in the UK we have Brexit and in the US we have President Trump.  Things are being turned on their head and the people are saying they just don’t want the continuation of the same old policies and the same old fat cat elite.  We could see some kind of financial restrictions ahead, and/or some kind of large scale upset involving influences which are hidden from us in some way.


Full Moons tend to bring whatever has been concealed into full view, it is when things happen – when we reap what has been sown.  What can be done on an individual level to navigate the storms?   Firstly, it is important not to act rashly.   This is not the time to act on the spur of the moment but more it is a time to delve into our unconscious and truly think about what is important and to use both head and heart to make a truly balanced decision.  Truly listen to what that balance between heart and head says and use that wisdom to learn and grow.   Question what is happening around you rather than just jump to a usual conclusion.


This Full Moon chart is set for London.  It highlights the importance of successful negotiations and diplomacy towards the keeping of peaceful entente.   Our government is at the moment riding some difficult waters with regard to Brexit, much of which is kept secret from us.  We are also seeing high terror threats and we can only hope that nothing of this kind hits our shores.  Quite apart from the personal devastation caused by such events our economy is fragile and would be badly hit by such an occurrence.


So at this time delve into the unconscious and examine what needs to change.   Find the balance between head and heart and grow and become wiser from that point.   Then take any necessary action once you have truly been honest with yourself in order to make the necessary transformations within you.

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Full Moon Fire Ceremony – December 14 th , 2016


The full Moon of December 14th
falls across the mutable energies of the Sun in
Sagittarius and the Moon in Gemini. So, the focus is on communication and putting energy into how you communicate – and what better for this time of year than a Gemini Moon that likes nothing better than being sociable.
The background energy at the moment is extremely volatile and continues in this vein until it peaks on December 26th.  With this
energy anything could happen and very often the least expected scenario could occur. I call this particular transit the ‘earthquake
transit’, just because it is so changeable and volatile.

At the time of the Full Moon, the Sun and the Moon are in a conflicting pattern with Chiron, the wounded healer. Chiron represents the areas in life where we feel particularly wounded
– so this is a time to think about our wounds and our grievances, time to face them and to be able to talk about them. Time to
consider the thoughts and words you are holding within your unconscious mind.  Are they valid? Are they serving you? Or are they dragging you down? And then consider how much better you would feel if you could free yourself from these thoughts and wounds.
So this Full Moon is about delving down into your deepest depths, analyzing the thoughts and wounds you are holding on to and giving them expression in a controlled and responsible manner.

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Making Sense of Mass Hysteria and the US election

Since the result of the US election, one of the ugliest ever, America has seen riots and protests at the prospect of a Donald J Trump presidency. Trump promised that this election would be like Brexit plus plus – I guess you could say Brexit on steroids. And it has lived up to his promise. To be honest a big proportion of the astrological community got their prediction wrong – perhaps their personal beliefs got in the way. Who knows. In fact, to even suggest that Trump might actually become President led to furious backlashes on facebook and accusations of being a supporter for Trump. So why this vile shooting of the messengers?

During 2016 we had a series of difficult aspects between Saturn and Neptune – the clash of ideologies with realities. This seems to have produced a lack of tolerance for anyone who holds a different viewpoint. We have seen just this after both Brexit and the US election as some sections of society are unable to accept the democratic vote. It seems that the free floating anxiety in the atmosphere has produced a sense of mass hysteria in those who feel their way is thwarted and they haven’t got what they wanted.  Perhaps there is almost an air of entitlement knocking around these days.

Neither Brexit nor the election of a maverick such as Trump should have been a surprise for the astrological community. Between 2012 and 2015 we had seven difficult exact meetings between Pluto and Uranus. However, the energy has been in play since 2008 and is currently being reactivated by Jupiter, the planet of expansion. This is an energy that demands change. It reflects in social rebellion, turmoil – radical change at a fundamental level. This along with the Saturn Neptune square provided the background of the perfect storm.

This is the chart for Donald J Trump


He was born at the time of a full moon with his Sun in Gemini next to the north node and the planet Uranus. A Gemini Sun is usually chatty and sociable, but the presence of Uranus gives him the propensity to be a rebel, someone who wants to shock – in fact, he has no filter to what he says as his mouth engages before his brain puts the brakes on. He’s a rebel of the first order, but the planet Uranus also tends to lend an air of authenticity. So, he speaks as he believes rather than as others want him to. The royal star Regulus was on his Leo ascendant and Mars as he was born. And during 2016 his progressed Sun moved into Virgo, bang on where Regulus is now. Trump was born to do something important.

Leo rising speaks of someone who is flamboyant, known for his hair and someone who likes an adoring audience. Leo loves the chase but once they have their prey they can be easily bored, a trait backed up by his Gemini Sun. However, the layer of Leo- ness is thin – the main part of his first house, and therefore his body and his personality, is Virgo. Now Virgo is a much more modest sign with a sense of humility and a desire to serve. Virgo can often be fastidious in some areas of life, not necessarily tidy as is often thought though. But the young Trump is said to have been very tidy in his dress also having a desire to make sure his clothes were always neatly folded. The Venus Saturn conjunction in his chart suggests surprisingly someone who perhaps lacks confidence and he may use his brashness as a kind of cover up. This alongside the Virgo backdrop perhaps gives him the ability to have a sense of humility and willingness to serve his country. He has the potential for flexibility and to be discerning in what he believes and who he asks for advice – remember, he is not answerable to the elite. He funded his own campaign, he is not a career politician and his team was not made up of experienced politicians. Instead he sifted out what he wanted and who he wanted.

It is not just people who have charts – countries do too. This is the chart for the USA.



The American chart is, however, a troubled chart, caught up in both the Pluto Uranus square as well as the Saturn Neptune square. No wonder the mass hysteria.

Another clue which should have led to many astrologers giving Trump the right to the White House is that his natal chart plugs in to the chart of the USA in a way that Hillary’s does not. Trump’s Sun conjunct the north node sits on the USA Mars in the 7th house – so we can hope that Trump looks to himself working in partnership with his country and perhaps with their already existing partnerships.  His Moon is exactly opposite, in the USA first house – he emotionally identifies with being American, and with his south node there too, he harks back to seeing America big and great again. We can see this resonance as Trump’s Sun trines Jupiter while the USA Sun squares Jupiter. Both want to be larger than life itself.
Clinton’s connections with the USA chart are just so much weaker.

Having trained in horary astrologer with William Stickevers in Caifornia (sadly I only went there on line rather than in person), I was privileged to be asked to work with him on ongoing political snapshots prior to the election itself. William had already identified that Trump was becoming an unstoppable force, defying everything that the media and the pollsters were saying. Our horary snapshots consistently and correctly identified that forces such as wikileaks would show themselves and that there would be a sudden and almost shocking change of momentum towards the end in favour of Trump. This is indeed how it panned out. However, to even say this was to invite a torrent of abuse from those who were so horrified at the thought of change in this form – for them only Hillary could provide security in their eyes. Hillary represents the choice of the establishment, the status quo, whilst Trump is the wild card – the Pluto Uranus candidate.

I hope that American will calm once the shock has subsided. Although Trump will provide the perfect scapegoat for any future difficulties, I doubt that he will prove to be so bad for the country he cares about. His chart suggests that he may find the changes in his own life difficult – least of all because a Sun conjunct Uranus person wants to feel free. During next year he has some heavy Saturn transits suggesting that he will certainly feel that burden of office.   As Saturn literally symbolises ‘walls’ I expect that talk of the wall will continue.  But he takes on this new role with a sense of responsibility and caution. I hope that the American people and the elite give him the chance.

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Full Moon November 14th 2016

The Moon will be full at 1.52 pm on Monday 14th November. This month’s full Moon is also a Super Moon – it will be at its closest point to earth and, therefore, its appearance and energies will be amplified. In fact, we won’t get another full Moon like this one until 25th November 2034 – the last one was in 1948. Because it’s so close it will seem bigger and brighter than usual.
Full Moons give us the opportunity to see things in a new light. So, whereas a new Moon is time for a new seed, for something to begin, the full Moon sheds light so that things can be seen in their fullness. For this full Moon we have the energies of the Moon in earthy Taurus opposing the Sun in intense and passionate Scorpio. The Moon is exalted in Taurus and highlights what gives us pleasure and what we value – in our relationships with others, with things we are attached to and also with how we value ourselves.

Within this full Moon there is an effort to integrate matter and spirit – what we can touch and feel with that which needs to die and be reborn, what we are attached to compulsively with what we could let go. It is perhaps about shedding light on things for which we feel a compulsive attachment.

The Moon in Taurus seeks material security and physical comfort. This is a steady, realistic, practical Moon seeking stability. Taurus is a fixed sign, so this is not a Moon who willingly seeks change but in her desire for stability, she can become attached to tangible things in order to provide that sense of security and self worth

At the full Moon we have the Sun in Scorpio ruled by Mars – the masculine – and Pluto. Scorpio seeks to investigate what lies below in the depths of our unconscious to discover where we need to confront the darkness in ourselves, what we are passionate about and what we obsess about so that we can find the Scorpionic alchemical healing from within.

However, the Sun at the time of the full Moon is in a difficult conflict aspect with Uranus, the planet of rebellion, shocks and enlightenment. Uranus is sitting alongside asteroid Ceres and dwarf planet Eris, both warrior goddesses. Ceres is the Great Mother and Goddess of the Harvest who was distraught at her daughter Persephone’s abduction into the underworld by Pluto (the lord of Scorpio). Eris is the Goddess of Strife and Discord. So here we are faced with turmoil, discord, raging anger and the conflict between the masculine and the feminine.

We should also perhaps remind ourselves that a super Moon between Taurus, representing the Earth, and Scorpio, representing deep waters, may pull strongly on the Earth and we may possibly see earthly difficulties such as further earthquakes in Italy or elsewhere.

I think that the last few months have been characterised by a kind of sense of systemic malaise where people are feeling that everything around them is topsy turvy. In the UK we have had ongoing Brexit issues, or maybe no Brexit, and the USA has experienced the most ugly election campaign ever. Moon in Taurus, however, understands our interconnectedness with the Earth and has an appreciation for nature and its comforts, and at the time of fullness is in a harmonious aspect with Chiron, the wounded healer, giving her the potential to heal the discord and this systemic malaise that seems to surround us.

So let’s put it all together to see what this full Moon is really all about. For me it is talking about the collision between the down to earth realities and practicalities of life and the intensities and passions (sometimes dark ones) that can either heal and help us enormously or pull us down into the underworld in the same way that Persephone experienced. It is about the attachments we form – sometimes obsessive – in order to give a sense of self worth and security.

In many ways we don’t need much of what we are attached to and this Moon can allow us to look into our depths and really see what we are attached to that is not necessary. If we let go of just some of these attachments we may find something more truly and deeply meaningful – something we can feel a true passion for. For instance, just appreciating the Earth and nature can allow us to get in touch with our true values. We can let go of our attachments and we can heal ourselves.

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October’s Moon is full in Maidenhead at 5.23 a.m. on Sunday October 16th, when the Sun will be in the Air sign of Libra and the Moon in the Fire signs Aries.

This means that the polarity of Aries and Libra together with the meanings of these two signs are illuminated. Aries, a fire sign, is concerned with action, challenges, new beginnings, courage, pioneering.   Aries wants to start something but has no interest in finishing off all the details.  Its polar opposite Libra, however, prefers to negotiate through diplomacy and reconciliation.   Libra will attempt to see both sides of a problem whilst respecting the other person’s right to an opinion.   That doesn’t mean in any way that Libra is a push over but more that this sign counts mediation is one of its skills.

However, it is not only the Sun and the Moon that keep moving – all the planets in the sky are also orbiting, so just looking at the position of the Sun and Moon solely will not provide us with the full picture.

This full Moon involves Uranus, the planet of sudden events, shocks, and new liberational awakening, alongside the dwarf planet Eris, named after the Greek Goddess of discord; while the Sun holds hands with another dwarf planet Haumea, who symbolises the birth of new consciousness as well as the crust of the earth.

Added to this mix we also have the planet Pluto, symbolic of evolution within the collective at a deep level.   Pluto is holding hands with Mars and is making a conflicting aspect with both the Sun and the Moon.  This combination is likely to exaggerate many of the current energies and we could see instances of obstinacy or unwillingness to change coupled with a sense of unease and unwelcome action.

Putting all this together augurs a very lively full Moon this month.   At the positive end of the spectrum we could expect a liberation of new thinking which could help to bring forward a new level of consciousness and conscious awareness.   However, at the opposite end of the spectrum we could see arguments, people trying to force their own point of view on to others whilst the force of reason tries to make itself heard.   On a more physical level we could see something such as a financial difficulty of some kind, increases in violent confrontations or some kind of more earthly disaster such as a hurricane or an earthquake.

Astrologers also look at the fixed stars in play in the sky and a positive aspect of this particular full Moon is that the Sun is sitting with one of the most fortunate stars in the sky – Spica. Spica indicates success through the potential for brilliance and the gift of the knowledge of human cultivation.

The message really is that we need to understand how to use our own power responsibly, whilst also understanding that everything is connected and that this connection is of a sacred nature. We need to learn to use the earth’s resources honestly, whilst adopting new and different responses to problems which respect the opinions and rights of others.  It is vital to wake up to the cosmic forces that are in play and to use this knowledge to elevate levels of conscious awareness from a point of love so that there is some level of balance and equilibrium brought to the forefront to counteract the negativities of those who have a desire to force their objectives and opinions on to others.

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Lunar Eclipse September 16 2016

Full moon fire ceremony September 16th 2016

What is an eclipse?

The term eclipse comes from the word ecliptic, which is the yearly path the Sun takes to travel through the twelve signs. The Moon, which is in orbit around the earth, travels through the twelve signs of the zodiac in one month during which it completes its cycle of phases from new moon to full moon and back to new. Every two weeks the Moon crosses the Sun’s track at points known as the Moon’s nodes. It is when the Sun is close to one of the nodes as the moon crosses the ecliptic that an eclipse occurs.

A Solar eclipse occurs at the new Moon as the Moon lines up between the Earth and the Sun at one of the nodes. The Moon is much smaller than the Sun, but from Earth it appears to be almost exactly the same size. During a solar eclipse the Moon moves across the Sun blocking its light and casting a shadow on to the Earth. At a total solar eclipse the Sun’s light is totally blotted out whilst a partial solar eclipse the Sun’s light is only partly obscured.  When the Moon is at its greatest distance from Earth it is too small to cover it entirely and a ring of sunlight remains visible at mid eclipse – this is called an annular eclipse. During a solar eclipse the Moon’s shadow moves across an area of the Earth’s surface in an eclipse track and very often the area of this track will be very evident in events that occur at the time of the eclipse.

A lunar eclipse occurs at the time of the full Moon as the Moon crosses the ecliptic in opposition to the Sun. the moon simply reflects the light of the Sun and has no light of its own. As the Sun and Moon align on either side of the Earth, the Moon passes through the shadow projected by the earth and almost appears to disappear as the earth blocks the light of the Sun.   Unlike a solar eclipse a lunar eclipse has no eclipse track.

Its not hard to understand how terrifying the phenomenon of the Sun’s light being obliterated must have been in ancient times and eclipses were often accompanied by ceremonies of drum beating and techniques to scare away the dragon which they believed was swallowing the Sun’s light.

More facts on Eclipses

Eclipses always arrive in pairs, one solar and one lunar, and appear in a family of signs, which will keep occurring in pairs for 18 to 24 months. Every 19 years eclipses repeat in nearly exact degree.

The effects of an eclipse

Eclipses are like wild cards – like a moon on steroids – they carry messages of change as they home in or ‘illuminate’.   They may bring unexpected changes particularly if they touch something in your own personal chart. Changes may happen instantly but they can also take a period of months.   In general solar eclipses are about beginnings whilst lunar eclipses are more emotional and bring endings.   Eclipses are periods of excitable energy and it is often wise not to make important decisions until the energy has settled.

Current Eclipses

The current eclipses encompass the Pisces/Virgo energies and continues into early next year with a total number of six eclipses.

The solar eclipse of 1st September 2016 occurred at 9 degrees Virgo. On a personal level it depends where this falls in your own natal chart as to where your soul purpose is renewing or deleting.   On a collective level this solar eclipse also picked up the current story in the sky which is the clash between the planets Saturn and Neptune – boundaries versus no boundaries, limitations versus going with the flow, religion with rules versus religion/beliefs without rules, reality versus illusion, mundane life versus glitz and glamour.  Interestingly the final eclipse in this pairing of signs is on February 26, 2017 so a situation which perhaps began or was current on September 1st is once again highlighted in some way next February.

The lunar eclipse of the full moon fire ceremony occurs at 8.05 p.m., exactly at the time of this ritual – how fitting and amazing and shows how awesome astrology is.   This is a powerful full moon ceremony for those who are attending. The Moon in emotional and compassionate Pisces is sitting in the 12th house here – the house of the unconscious, what is hidden from view. The Moon is sitting next to the asteroid Chiron – the wounded healer – so our wounds and what is painful for us is in our minds but perhaps we hide these wounds, not wanting to talk about them too much because they can be so overwhelming. The Sun lies in Virgo with Mercury, the planet of the mind and communication, at his side ready to pick at all the details of our emotions and allow them to surface into our conscious mind

so they don’t fester and become open sores.     The planet Uranus, symbolizing sharp change and enlightenment is standing at the doorway of expression and is particularly ready to show the way in terms of relationships with others.   The planet Pluto, symbolic of transformation and healing, sits at the top of the chart making a lovely aspect with our karmic destiny and our subconscious.

This is a truly awe inspiring chart for the full moon fire ceremony.   Enjoy.

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