The Entitlement Dis-ease

It seems that there is a constant chatter about a pervasive sense of entitlement that has invaded our modern Western world. I can’t be the only one who considers that modern life is poorer for this, or maybe I am and I’m just getting bah-humbug older.   We are so much more affluent and have many more life choices than our forebears ever had; in the Western world we rarely have to concern ourselves with just survival and yet we have rising levels of anxiety, depression, mental health issues and suicides.   From a purely logical standpoint this doesn’t make any sense.

The dictionary definition of entitlement is given as the fact of having a right to something. But what really do we have a ‘right’ to?   Do we even actually have a right to anything at all in life? We may hope, we may desire, we may strive towards certain outcomes, but if we feel we have a right to something and then don’t get it, then it follows that we will be unhappy. So could this be one of the reasons behind our societal malaise?

Entitlement has always tended to be associated with the moneyed elite who can buy their way to whatever they want, but nowadays it seems so much more evident in other areas of society as well, but perhaps nowhere more than the millennial generation – those born after 1980 to a ‘baby boomer’ generation who wanted better things for their children to experience.

The sense of entitlement is like a horrible toxic weed which pervades society and is indeed something which I believe is very damaging to society as a whole.   As I said at the beginning of this article – do we really have an actual right to anything in this life?

So what kinds of entitlement might we be seeing now? Here’s just a few off the top of my head.

  • Political entitlement
  • Entitlement to fame and money without the merit of talent and hard work
  • Not in my back-yard entitlement
  • Nanny state entitlement – expect the NHS/government to fix everything for us
  • Spiritual/new age entitlement
  • Religious entitlement
  • Philosophical entitlement
  • Entitlement to my rights
  • Money
  • Social media entitlement


So, can we see some astrological signatures in the development of this entitlement disease?  For this I like to look at the outer planetary cycles – the generational cycles – because these tend to mark changes which come from the social and economic forces evident within the collective.

First let’s go back to the 1930’s.   This was a period of real hardship.   We had a financial depression and the Second World War.   People’s lives and security were threatened on many levels.   Those involved fought in defence of their country, for their families, for their beliefs and for their basic freedom.   At this point we had a meeting between Pluto, God of the Underworld, and Uranus, God of the Sky, very similar to that which we have experienced since around 2008 until now (2018).

The 1930’s and the more recent aspect between Pluto and Uranus were both squares – a square means conflict or clash. Pluto/Uranus speaks very much of revolution and social rebellion – the breaking down of old structures to bring about new – a radical restructuring of peoples and nations.   Pluto is representative of wealth and power and wants to purge whatever is hidden or decaying for the purpose of transformation and regeneration, whilst Uranus, discovered during the 18th century Enlightenment period wants to awaken and enlighten.

This aspect represents the collapse of an old order to make way for a new.   Uranus energy is symbolised in myth by Prometheus who gave man the gift of fire in order that he might achieve a new type of freedom through heightened awareness.    So as Pluto breaks down the old order, Uranus sparks innovative and progressive thinking towards a new world order. This new energy can come in at a very fast rate and be almost shocking in its manner, particularly as it can appear in many different and highly unexpected forms. The first stage, however, is for Pluto to reveal what is rotten, what must be purged and what is going on underneath the surface hidden from view.

So I think we can safely say that we saw this type of energy in the 1930’s and over the last ten years we have seen economic recession, the Arab Spring, the refugee crisis, Fukushima, crisis in the EU, the Ukraine and in Syria.      The Trump election and Brexit are both examples of a Pluto/Uranus conflict, but I believe both were born from the anger of a stratum of society who felt they were being totally overlooked; the anger and frustrations of a populace who felt that they were not listened to and that their own needs and desires were being overlooked.   And they revolted!!!   This came as a complete shock to other parts of society who in turn felt that what they considered as their right and entitlement was being removed.

At a conjunction the two planets are standing together so there is more potential for the energy to blend rather than clash. The Pluto/Uranus conjunction of the 1850’s saw epic scale innovation and new order because this was the period of the Industrial Revolution, the Gold Rush, and ordinary people getting richer. In actual fact this was the beginning of capitalism and mass production as we moved from industry based around farming and working the land to one based more around factories, towns and production.  At the conjunction of Pluto and Uranus in the 1960’s we saw the Cold War, war in Vietnam as well as social and cultural change on an epic scale with an escalation of technological developments, advancements in space exploration and advancement in society, helped by the discovery of cheap fossil fuels such as oil.


I can speak first hand about the unprecedented rate of development of the sixties because I was a child of the sixties.   It was magical, amazing – we were the first group of teenagers to actually matter and we were a mass market like no other before us, avidly drinking all that was on offer. We knew it was different and it was so exciting. This was the start of the counter culture and nowhere was it perhaps more noticeable for us teenagers than within music and fashion. The Swinging Sixties had arrived. We had the Beatles, the new bands of the 60’s, many of whom are still going today, and fashions aimed directly at them by designers such as Mary Quant and Biba.   Technological advances such as transistor radios and affordable record players helped the spread. Girls also discovered sexual freedom for the first time with the advent of the Pill.    After the austerity of the war this generation wanted to elbow their way to new types of freedom and new exciting cultures. Now, whilst their parents might have been rather shocked at what was going on, or not really understood what had hit them at the speed of a rocket, by the same token they wanted their children to enjoy their youth having had their own forcibly taken from them by war and deprivation.

We saw the beginnings of a drive for a new world with unusually rapid technological advances, an underlying spirit of restlessness for experiment and innovation and a desire to rebel against convention and conventional structures – we got a taste for the new and we wanted it quick.


The baby boomer children who grew up in the counter culture environment of the ‘60s then went on to have the millennial children who were parented very differently from the generation before.    So, the millennial era benefited from the progressive views of the 60’s and became the era of child centred living – no longer should children be seen and not heard. The child was at the centre.   These children were told they were special and too much of a competitive environment was discouraged.   Nothing wrong with that you might say but it’s all about balance.   And as the pendulum swings its not easy to find that harmonious point of balance.

And what did we have astrologically – a Uranus/Neptune conjunction between 1988 and 1997, the meeting of the two most ideological planets in the cosmos, which would herald yet another magical new technological cycle bringing with it astonishing transformations at a remarkable and unprecedented rate of knots.   This was the time of the birth of the world wide web, the internet and everything else that the web has led on to, including the ‘selfie’.   And for me the selfie is the epitome of the entitlement disease – can you get much more entitled than the ‘me me me’ vein of a selfie.

So, let’s discuss the forms of entitlement. Some, I think, are pretty obvious, but you might wonder why I put spiritual/New Age entitlement on the list.   Well, New Age thinking has brought much that is good to our modern society, but I can’t be the only one who gets fed up with those who put themselves on a weekend course and then consider themselves to be so good that they now call themselves a practitioner.   They have found a place of power and are completely working from their ego; they also tend to be the biggest spouters of the New Age type proverbs and sayings.    Because the ‘alternative’ brigade is not really regulated as such, those who work hard and honestly at their craft are negatively affected by those who suffer from this ego entitlement.

Entitlement to fame and celebrity status is very much a modern disease, together with a desire to be famous and rich without possessing any obvious talent. On the back of this has spawned a huge swathe of reality TV series, which for me bear no relevance whatsoever to reality in any shape or form, but which seem to provide a good few with an envious lifestyle.   But one wonders how much agents and production companies are ruthlessly exploiting these reality star, talentless people and making a lot of money out of them. And, in spite of their lack of talent, but because they are exploited and ruthlessly promoted, they in turn have become the heroes and role models of today for many of the young to aspire to.

Social media entitlement including the selfie – for which to my horror we recently devoted a National Day to it.   How on earth did that happen I ask myself?   I get Mothers’ Day, Fathers’ Day, Armed Forces’ Day – but seriously, National Selfie day??!!!   Now I am a fan of social media but everything in balance.   And the problem with social media is how it can take over lives and produce an unhealthy sense of envy.    Maybe we really do believe that all 2093 people on our Facebook are our true and faithful friends but, of course, we never put our humdrum everyday rubbish on Facebook – we put on posts when we are having a good time.   But if the reader does not look between the lines and is also experiencing an unhappy time this can easily lead to an envy born from a disallowed and frustrated sense of entitlement.

We see now technology that is exponentially rising year on year so that our level of change is the greatest ever seen.   However, we also have an exponential rise in mental health issues so I question whether we as human beings can actually mentally deal with the advances at the rate they are seen. Maybe some parts of society have already become a hybrid race – half human and half AI – as they spend their days bent over, glued to their mobile phones.   Have we become slaves to technology now rather than masters of it?

And, of course, this is not all about Pluto and Uranus in aspect – there are many other factors.   For the sake of time and space I’m just picking on the main ones.   Since the 1930’s we have experienced an on/off opportunistic relationship between Neptune and Pluto which has fuelled a deeper awareness of, and study of, the workings of our unconscious mind; before the likes of people such as Jung and Freud we didn’t really think about how we felt and where our minds took us.

And it is against the backdrop of the Pluto/Uranus force for change that the next convergence of outer planetary transits will layer on top, and we have some extreme convergences between now and the mid 2020’s. Some of these convergences suggest that we could be on the brink of a new era.

We are coming up to a conjunction of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn just before we see a new Jupiter/Saturn Great Cycle beginning at 0 degrees of Aquarius.   Jupiter/Saturn cycles are historical markers and markers of socio-economic attitudes – this conjunction marks a move from the element of earth (capitalism, materialism) to air (intellect, mental attitudes, science, space).   The cycle in earth began in the mid 1800’s and correlates with the Industrial Revolution, the beginning of mass production, mass movement of people, mass travel and the next will be the first in the air element for nearly a thousand years.

There are also some signs that have not been seen since the end of the Roman Empire as well as other signatures not seen since the Bronze Age. So, perhaps this signals a time when we will harness technology in the same way that we learned to harness metals in the Bronze Age. All these cycles see a mixture of negative and positive potentials.   Saturn conjunct Pluto suggests the end of one era accompanied by breakdown, pessimism, crisis of authority, inflated entitlement, but it can also provide sustained purpose coupled with a high level of resourcefulness which can lead to the attainment of great success.   What it suggests to me is that those who can dig deep within themselves will be able to push beyond and achieve. Those who will come through well will be those who are prepared, those who are able to work their way out of a given situation with tenacity and determination. They will have to truly be aware of any issues, own the responsibility for them and put in the hard work, effort and sustained focus that will be required.   That won’t happen if there is a sense of entitlement – it will only happen for those whose strength of character allows them to put this aside and work through issues.

Before the mid 2020’s we will also see a conflict aspect between Saturn and Uranus which suggests that possibly structures which should never fail might just do so. This aspect heralds radical change to old, traditional ways and also suggests an increase in general angst and hypersensitivity. With this type of cycle those who will succeed are those who don’t resist change but rather embrace it and find ways to work with it.   Those who fall by the wayside are those who cling grimly on to the old ways. It is possible that we may even see a failure of technology or with Uranus in Taurus, some kind of extreme climate change for which many will be ill-prepared but will nevertheless be forced to deal with.

Putting this all together I honestly believe that we are on the verge of a new era (which should be the contents of a further blog).   But I will just give a few thoughts here of possibilities – you might care to add yours.

  • Integration of technology with human biology alongside mainstream AI
  • Huge leaps in technology, particularly AI and space exploration
  • Major cathartic event for society
  • Extreme climate issues – possibly cooling rather than warming
  • Death of the structure of the planet which has to be faced
  • Extra terrestrial disclosure (Roswell Saturn Pluto 1947)
  • Massive confrontation with reality
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New Moon July 13 2018

The Moon will be new in London at 3.48 a.m. on July 13th, 2018.   This is not just a New Moon though, it is also a partial solar eclipse, the first of three eclipses.   One thing you can be certain of in eclipse season is that you can’t really be certain of anything.   Remember also that the eclipse energy is manifesting both before and after the eclipse – it is not just a one-day energy.

Falling in the sign of Cancer it speaks of highlighting issues around nurturing ourselves – our bodies, our homes, our families.   This is a powerful New Moon with the Sun and Moon opposing Pluto, God of the Underworld, symbolising the need for transformation and regeneration from deep within.   So the question is, what is it within you that needs to undergo a radical transformation?   What behaviour patterns need to be replaced by thoughts and actions which could serve you in a much better fashion than currently?   Now you may not be able to put this into action just yet, but this is very much about taking the opportunity of looking within at a very deep level in terms of both inner behaviour patterns based on emotional needs as well as life direction and general vitality.  To make this happen in the most positive fashion we need to open ourselves to our highest consciousness and allow what we need to transform us to come in.   And, for this to work for our higher good, we need to allow something to die first so that we may experience a rebirth – in this way the phoenix can rise from the ashes and we can experience transformation.   So, open your hearts and allow past-learned behavioural patterns, which no longer serve, to be purged and replaced with the new.   This is not easy I know but if you resist it will be so much harder.

On a more practical level this is also the perfect symbolism for the young boys being brought up from the depths of the underworld by some very very brave rescuers.


In the chart we also see a really positive aspect between Uranus and Juno, Saturn and Venus with Ceres all in earth signs.   This speaks of allowing our relationships to change in order to bring more stability, longevity and a kind of liberating awakening that things can be different. There is also a second positive aspect in this chart – this time in the water signs.   The Sun and Moon are making a nice aspect to Jupiter and Neptune, which suggests that we need to allow the highest potentials of our being permission to come in to our consciousness.


So ensure that you allow the time to contemplate what is required and to do this be at one with nature and allow your emotions to be free of restrictions so that true transformation can be achieved.


In the UK chart this eclipse falls in the tenth house which represents the government, the monarchy and the public status of the UK itself.   It also hits the UK moon – the populace. This suggests that something occurs which may affect the populace.   Now at the moment we have all the Brexit shenanigans, which are truly affecting our position and status within the world.   We have the visit of President Trump – we may not like him but should we not at least give him a dignified welcome to our country as befits his position as President of America?   And we should remember that the trapped Thai boys have been brought to safety by a team of British cave divers who hold a well-deserved reputation as the best in the world. So, we should really be singing about what makes Britain good.

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Harry and Meghan

On 19th May, 2018, Prince Harry married Meghan Markle – a mixed race, divorced American actress. So what might this mean for both Harry and the Royal Family.

Most people can picture a young Harry walking behind his mother’s coffin and we rejoice in his happiness. However, beware the woman who breaks his heart! I really hope that this is a lasting union but I will bide my time on this one until I see how events pan out. I think there is a lot of water to pass under the bridge in the next two to three years. She did the audition got the part – now can she hack it? Did she want the role or does she truly love her Prince?

Meghan is Cancer rising, with her rising point not a million miles away from the UK Moon. Her natal Libra Moon sits with Saturn and Jupiter so I think she has the potential to instinctively pick up the traditions, the restrictions and the pomp of the British monarchy – but will she like it?

Her Sun and Mercury in Leo love the limelight and indicate her acting prowess, but sitting in her first house also demonstrate that she is very driven by her own desires. Her Aries Midheaven is ruled by Mars, which in Meghan’s case sits in her twelfth house in Cancer. So it’s a tricky Mars – a fire planet having to sit in water – what does she hide? Secrets? Darker personality traits? Interestingly, Meghan’s Mars sits right on Harry’s descendant (the point of the significant other), while her Sun and Mercury sit in his seventh house of partnerships and marriage. Chiron, the wounded healer, sits at 22 Taurus with Harry’s Moon at 21 Taurus. Will Meghan heal Harry or will she hurt him?

Harry probably loves Meghan’s drive and energy and the placement of her Uranus in relationship to Harry’s chart indicates that he finds her exciting – Uranus sits on his South Node (familiarity), opposes his Moon (perhaps she reminds him of the free spirit of his mother), sextiles his Sun and sits right on his Midheaven.

As they married Uranus had just entered Taurus and what is so interesting is that the last time we saw Uranus in Taurus was in 1934/35 – it was in 1936 that Edward VIII abdicated in order to marry Wallis Simpson, the American divorcee who brought havoc to the monarchy. Here we see history almost repeating itself – will it be for the downfall of the monarchy or this time for the good? 0 Taurus is the position of the Queen’s Sun and Prince Charles’ Moon – Uranus will pass this degree twice more in October and then March 2019. Uranus brings change and shock very quickly – what will this bring?

Additionally Pluto, the planet of transformation and change, has opposed the UK Moon in January of this year (just after the engagement was announced) and will do so twice more in August and November 2018. The Moon in the chart of a country represents the people and general public. The UK Moon is in the 10th house of royalty and tradition and sits with the Queen’s nodal axis – she is the keeper of the traditions and she instinctively understands that the place of the monarchy is to put the glue into the country and uphold a sense of patriotic feeling. Once Pluto has opposed the UK Moon he will cross the Queen’s nodal axis and then her ascendant, later passing over Meghan’s ascendant. The eclipse on July 13 at 20 cancer picks up on transiting Pluto. What deep changes will this bring, particularly with the Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto combination sitting on the Queen’s nodes and Ascendant in 2020?

Additionally, transiting Saturn over the next months triggers so many of the Royal Family’s charts. During the second half of 2018 transiting Saturn travels back to 2 Capricorn and moves to 11 Capricorn by the end of the year. This will trigger the UK Sun at 10 Capricorn, Harrys Ascendant at 11 Capricorn, square Meghans MC at 11 Aries. It will also bring up memories of Diana with her Sun at 9 Cancer. Transiting Saturn will square William’s Mars at 9 Libra, oppose Camilla’s Moon at 10 Cancer. And into the new year Saturn will cross William’s nodal axis at 14 Capricorn, square Charles’ MC at 13 Aries, oppose the Queen’s Pluto at 12 cancer, cross Philipp’s Ascendant at 13 Capricorn and meet Kate’s Sun at 19 Capricorn by the Spring of 2019. (Bear in mind that transiting Pluto will also have been sitting on Kate’s Sun, the Queen’s nodal axis and the UK Moon). That’s one hell of a lot of hits to so many key points in the charts of the main Royal Family!

So, for now I will sit on the fence. Change is coming in for the Royal Family but will it be for good or for ill?

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The Billionaires are looking for the Spiders from Mars

At the end of February 2017 Elon Musk’s company SpaceX announced they would be transporting the first two fare paying passengers on a trip around the Moon and back to Earth in 2018. Whilst SpaceX awaits its license from the Federal Aviation Authority, the space arm of Richard Branson’s Virgin Group has already received its license for passenger space travel. It seems we are about to enter the world of the private space entrepreneur.

We seemed so close to greater space exploration during the 1960’s. That was the time of the first flyby of Mars and Venus, the first re-usable crewed spacecraft, the first orbital docking between two space craft and, of course, the first man walked on the Moon some 45 years ago. When one considers how much technology has progressed it is unbelievable that the same level of progress does not appear to have been applied to space travel. It seems that perhaps public and political sentiment questioned the huge expense of such space exploration, resulting in a much more modest budget and an apparent back pedaling. Today the US even relies on Russia to ferry US astronauts to and from the International Space Station.

So who are the billionaire space players?

Elon Musk – co founder of PayPal and CEO of Tesla Motors – Space X
Jeffrey P. Bezos – founder of Amazon and owner of Washington Post – Blue Origin
Sir Richard Branson – founder Virgin Group – Galactic Ventures and Virgin Orbit
Paul Allen – co-founder Microsoft – Vulcan Aerospace and Stratolaunch

Why are the billionaires leading the race into space?
Because they can? Or ego trip? Or a clue may lie in Branson’s words: ‘our very nature compels us to push beyond boundaries and to see what lies beyond the horizon’. Well maybe that’s the nature of a billionaire – particularly if there’s money in it, alongside the kudos of a place in history. Billionaires also look at costs – something which government owned organisations are notoriously bad at. True entrepreneurs know that they have to streamline their processes to be effective and profitable. They also know that sometimes they will fail – at times very publicly – understanding that they will learn much from their failures and that they will have an opportunity to come back stronger. Branson, for instance, has demonstrated this attitude following the fatal accident experienced in 2014 with Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo rocket plane.

Musk appears to have had an interest in space from a very young age. His goal is for SpaceX to accelerate space exploration, ultimately with the idea of man becoming a multi-planetary being and for a self-sustaining civilization on Mars.

Musk tried to understand why rockets were so expensive. With this in mind he set out to make spaceflight significantly cheaper in order that it could become routine and affordable. His developments in re-usable space technology mean that even the manufacturer of China’s low cost Long March rocket cannot beat SpaceX pricing. Furthermore, Musk insists that performance will increase and prices will drop over time.

Bezos has a goal of ‘dynamic entrepreneurial explosion in space.’ His vision is to put all heavy industry into space so that the Earth can be preserved for residential and light industrial use and thereby become pollution free, whilst millions of people live and work in space.

Branson has had his sights set on private space travel for some time. He wants to create the first commercial spaceline and, unlike the rocket technology being developed by Musk and Bezos, he considers that people would prefer the comforts of a space plane that would land on a runway, as opposed to a rocket launch. For Branson space travel is all about the customer experience.

Paul Allen’s dream is a combination of plane and rocket technology. He is building Stratolaunch, the world’s largest airplane with a wingspan of 385 feet – wider than a football field, the plane will act as an aerial Launchpad for satellites and spacecraft and is designed to carry a rocket which will drop away from the main plane and launch into orbit.

Putting it in context

Space insiders and NASA had a pretty good idea of where space technology would go under a Hilary Clinton presidency, but the election of Trump has thrown this into disarray. So what will Trump do about the Space Launch System, currently under construction by Boeing – NASA’s flagship programme -which will supposedly transport astronauts to Mars? SLS is expensive, especially now that it can be compared to the progress of private companies such as SpaceX. Bezos and Musk have both launched computer controlled booster rockets that can be re-launched on earth – something NASA has not achieved. This is a game-changing development. Up to now boosters have always separated from their payloads and plummeted into the sea, discarded after a single launch. Bringing them back safely suggests substantially lower costs.

Will Trump want to be the President who transforms space travel and sends US astronauts to Mars? Of course. He’s a billionaire. Trump wants to make America great again – as it was when Americans first walked on the Moon. This would make Mars a tempting goal for Trump and, as a businessman himself, he will be looking at the cost of NASA doing this against private entrepreneurialship. Mars may not be ideal but it’s the best location we have right now and Trump would likely gain major political benefits if he could make this happen. And, in fact, during March of this year it was announced that Trump has signed a bill into law that updates NASA’s mission to add exploration of Mars. So, who will Trump collaborate with as NASA transitions from space exploration to the economic development of space via privately owned and operated space stations? Musk is on the highly probable list. He is already a member of Trump’s economic advisory council, he has spoken of sending people to Mars by 2024 and he has made no secret that he firmly believes that it is only a matter of time before Earth suffers a mass-extinction event and that we should be planning for this by colonizing Mars. Bezos must be another candidate – he also wants to colonise space in order to protect Earth.
On an astrological level Musk, Bezos and Allen (exact birth times unknown) all have a stimulating fit with Trump, Musk and Bezos having the best chemistry with him. But by the far the most likely candidate for a besty bosom buddy with the US President is Branson. So watch this space – or just watch space!

Amongst others in the space race are Boeing, Arianespace and, fairly unexpectedly, the UAE also have plans to colonise Mars with their project Mars 2117. As an oil rich nation, they are cash rich and could perhaps team up with one of the other main players who have the expertise. Musk, for instance, has recently opened a Tesla showroom in Dubai.

Nuclear thermal propulsion is another factor to be considered within the space race. It is a fundamentally new capability – well as far as we know it is a new capability! This technology would make it possible to get to Mars in just six weeks as opposed to 18 months. Russia is already on the point of testing a nuclear engine in 2018. However, whilst the journey time to Mars might be shortened with technology, not all of nature can be conquered. Planetary alignment means that the trip to Mars can only be made every two years, so those who go would have to be prepared to stay on Mars until the next window of opportunity allows them to return to Earth. This perhaps is also where Artificial Intelligence will become most useful. Rather than leaving humans to do the necessary development on Mars, AI could be created to do necessary construction work and initially adapt to conditions on the red planet.

And finally – what does the astrology indicate

Well the 2020’s certainly look a decade which will be pivotal in our history, which means we are now in the warming up period for this. I don’t want to go into too much detail right now because it will be the subject of another blog but just to summarise what we are in looking at:

In 2018 Uranus will enter Taurus. These guys are unlikely to prove to be happy bedfellows. Uranus seeks sudden change, shocks, upheavals – although ultimately to bring liberation, new ways of thinking, innovation and awakening through upsetting the status quo. Taurus on the other hand is perfectly happy wallowing in the status quo. It is a fixed and suborn sign that is primarily concerned with safety and security. It is about things that are tangible, the economic system, money, homes, the land and population. Uranus will march through like a tornado without giving a fig about safety or security – he wants freedom. Ultimately, he wants to wake everyone up from their slumbers and the only way he knows how to do this is to send them into turmoil.

We say history repeats itself, which it does, but never in exactly the same way. The last time Uranus was in Taurus was between 1934 and 1942. This was the period just after the Depression and during and just after World War 2. So clearly it was a time when material security and land was threatened. It led to revolutionary changes which, although shocking at first, ultimately became mainstream. We may indeed be on the point of some kind of global economic reset and/or threats to land and security. This could also manifest on a physical level with volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and extreme weather conditions.

In December 2020 we begin a new 240 year Jupiter/Saturn cycle, this time in the element of air, as they strikingly meet at 0 degrees of Aquarius. The Jupiter Saturn cycle is known as the Great Chronocrator, and a new cycle is regarded as a pivotal point in history. It reflects a country’s economic development and growth, the legal system, government policies, a nation’s manufacturing, trade, commerce and capitalism. Since 1842 the cycle has been in earth signs, which are about practical and financial matters, population, industry, food and the accumulation of wealth. 1842 was the time of the Industrial Revolution, a time which saw the growth of empires and population explosions. An air cycle suggests a stronger focus on culture, innovation, intellectual awakening. In 1961 the cycle took on a hybrid earth/air flavour as the two planets remained in conjunction through Capricorn and into Aquarius. We saw then a combination of Capricornian ambition and Aquarian innovations, such as those that led to man’s exploration of space and ultimately walking on the Moon. In the 1980’s there was a meeting of Jupiter and Saturn in air – this saw the beginning of the Aids epidemic and another space push.

In January 2020 we will see a Saturn Pluto conjunction at 22 Capricorn – but not just Saturn and Pluto though – they will be joined by a line up of Sun, Mercury and Ceres at this sensitive point. Later in March 2020 Saturn and Pluto will be joined by Jupiter and Mars still in Capricorn. What a line up. The Saturn Pluto cycle speaks of the end of an era and a collective compulsive power. It also speaks of a resistance to authority, mass surveillance and redistribution of power. For example Edward Snowden was born with a Saturn Pluto conjunction in Libra. Saturn Pluto aspects were apparent during World War 1, the great Depression, Roswell, the peak of the Vietnam War, the 1982 global recession and the escalation of the Cold War.

In 2023 we have Pluto’s entry into Aquarius. So we have an emphasis on planets of the collective entering Aquarius – a sign associated with science and innovation. We also, with Uranus in Taurus and the line up in Capricorn have an emphasis on the earth signs particularly associated with money, security, the economy, big business and government. Pluto’s travel through Capricorn has been much about exposing the truth of earthly oligarchical ambitions, the ambitions of the elite, exposure of secrets, etc etc. With Pluto we have to go through a death, transformation and rebirth process before we can arrive at the insights and innovations that Aquarius might bring.

We also have a dance between Saturn and Neptune in 2025 but they do not become exact until they are both at 0 degrees Aries. This is a very significant point – it is the world point and suggests something particularly important on a global level. Both planets are involved in boundaries – Saturn wants to create them whilst Neptune wants to dissolve. Might we move closer to a one-world governance at this point in time.

So in the 2020’s we see two major conjunctions both at 0 degrees of a sign. This is unusual and I think we are heading towards unusual and unpredictable times.

I think there will indeed be much to see on the level of space travel and colonization, extra terrestrial existence and an explosion in artificial intelligence. Before then we still have more to be uncovered in the Pluto in Capricorn period. However, we must bear in mind that it would be a bit like predicting the internet before we knew anything about it. So I think we are likely to see an explosion in robots taking over from humans in various places of work – what will the humans do instead I ask myself. The last time Pluto was in Aquarius was in the 1700’s just before we saw the Industrial Revolution. That was a time of inventions of machinery, which would make greater production possible. We must bear in mind that Aquarius has a reputation for aloofness and detachment – so we will see human looking robots but devoid of empathy or heart. But with a Saturn/Neptune conjunction on the world point will we see a blurring of the boundaries between robot and human? Is there something in the collective that will make the robot a more conscious entity? Or in the search for greater and greater technology will we find we have lost the point of being human – our hearts and souls?

Driverless cars are likely and even a hybrid version is possible that can both drive and fly. Robots are likely to take over many jobs that are currently done by humans. But it is not inconceivable that the big news will be on the technology, extra terrestrial and space fronts. Maybe even an invasion of the spiders from Mars!!!!!

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Marine Le Pen and the French Presidential Election

On April 23rd the French people go to the polls to elect a new President. Should there be no clear winner on this day the top two candidates will go forward for a run off election on May 7th.

I failed to put my money where my mouth was during the US election so today I have put on a bet that Marine le Pen will win.

Born in August 1968, Le Pen has her Sun and Mercury in fiery Leo. She also has a Uranus Pluto conjunction, reflecting the call for change currently in the cosmos which has so far been answered by a vote for Brexit and a subsequent one for maverick Donald Trump.


At the time of the election Le Pen has the Jupiter/Uranus/Pluto T square activating three of the four angles – Ascendant, Descendant and IC, as well as her natal Saturn.    And just as with Donald Trump, her progressed Sun moves into a new 30 year phase, this time one of Libra – the same sign as that of her beloved country.


At the time of the election the French fifth republic chart is also activated – across the ascendant/descendant axis and with Pluto in the 10th house of government, indicating a radical transformation.   France is also experiencing a Saturn return, suggesting that its people are auditing how they feel and the direction the government is taking them.


Le Pen’s Midheaven plugs into the Moon of the French Republic – in other words her intentions are for the people.   Her Sun picks up the French Uranus reflecting her ideals for change, whilst her Ascendant/Descendant picks up on that of the French chart in reverse.   And with her Saturn sitting on the French South Node in the first house, she will undoubtedly work hard to bring back what she considers made France a great country.   In fact bringing back their countries to what made them great in the first place is a running theme at the moment and can be seen in the words of Donald Trump in the USA and Theresa May in the UK.


So I’m putting money on a Le Pen win.




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Lunar eclipse February 11, 2017

This month’s full Moon is the first of February’s two eclipses and the first of a series across the Leo/Aquarius axis.

The solar eclipse on the 26th of this month highlights the opposing degree of the eclipse of 1st September, 2016, so we may see a return to issues which were active at that point in time.

A Full Moon puts the spotlight on relationships with the Sun and Moon opposing each other. With this particular eclipse we see the Moon occupying the sign where the Sun feels most comfortable. So it’s a time to reflect on whether we are emotionally nurtured by the course in life we are taking. It’s a time to reflect on all relationships that we have but perhaps more importantly the relationship we have with ourself.

We still have the nasty Jupiter, Uranus Pluto T square active and, in fact, we have Jupiter now retrograding back to re-activate this energy. So we still have ratcheted up reactions, as we are seeing, for example, with the hostility towards President Trump. So this is still a time to exercise caution, to not act in haste and to really think before acting. In fact, this lunar eclipse makes a nice aspect to Donald Trump’s Sun so maybe he will get a bit of a break.

On the positive side what we do have though is that the opposition aspects between Jupiter to Uranus and the Sun to the Moon are contained within a mystic rectangle. This means that these difficult energies are encased by some positive and potentially healing energies which offer opportunities to those who perhaps want to bring resolutions to conflicts or just to calm down over reactions. But it doesn’t end with the mystic rectangle for we have Saturn making positive aspects to the mystic rectangle and creating a triangle on top of the rectangle. We could almost look at this as a pyramid with Saturn at the apex. Now Saturn does represent limitations and restrictions, but he also wants to have boundaries. So Saturn has the potential here to offer a solution here by laying down some real guidelines within conflict issues and may provide a sense of structure, resolve, responsibility and patience to situations. So, whilst we have the two sets of opposite energies tugging at each other, on the outskirts of this we have positive harmonious aspects between the Moon, Jupiter, Saturn, the Sun and Uranus trying to broker deals between the squabbling factions. This is an unusual and magical pattern and with Saturn at its ‘handle’ there is the possibility that by bringing in wisdom and responsibility we have a opportunity to bring lasting practical solutions and structure so long as we are prepared to put in the effort and the hard work that Saturn demands.

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A Brit’s take on President Trump

So, we have President Trump due to be inaugurated on Friday, January 20th, despite what opinion polls and many astrologers predicted. I hasten to add that the group I work with in the US, led by William Stickevers, consistently predicted a Trump win.

I don’t usually pontificate on US politics though because I have Americans on my Facebook who understand the lie of the land much better than me and I would not dream of stepping on their toes.

However, there is so much hysteria in America and indeed surprisingly also in the UK regarding this election and its potential effects on the world as a whole. I should start off by saying that I have no political allegiance whatsoever, but I have read bios on Hillary Clinton and am certainly no personal fan of hers.

Astrologically, the past few years have been highlighted by a clash between Pluto and Uranus – a clash with seven exact hits! Astrologically that is big! This was meant to get its point heard. The main message is change on a profound scale. The revealing of old corruptions and liberation through new behaviours and new actions. Social rebellion and turmoil. You get the gist. Now technically this aspect has passed, but we still live within the context these turmoils have brought and we also currently have the planet Jupiter move into the picture activating this square whilst ramping up and exaggerating the volume through 2017.

As we saw, no matter what shocking things Trump said or did through the election campaign, every little thing that normally would have killed a campaign actually, against every odds, saw his popularity gain momentum. Why? Right place, right time. He is the person charged with manifesting the Pluto Uranus energies. Simple as that to be honest. Sadly, in today’s politically correct climate people do not necessarily feel free to say what they really feel deep down. Just one of the reasons why the polls on the American election and Brexit got it wrong. But also the 2020’s are calling and require changes to be made before we get there. More on that further on in this blog.

Trump’s chart ‘plugs’ into the USA chart in a way which Clinton’s did not. Whatever you think of him, he is a patriot – he cares about his country and his country’s ability to be great.

Trump also ‘plugs’ into the UK chart. And if we can manage to ignore all the ‘fake news’ about him, we may find that his voice (Mercury on the UK MIdheaven and opposite the UK Sun) and the way he thinks outside the box could actually be beneficial for the UK (Trump’s Uranus opposes the UK Mercury across the second/eighth houses and Trump’s Jupiter sits in the UK’s first house conjunct the Sun/Moon midpoint).

The UK is a Capricorn country – we have a tendency to be reserved and hold on to our ‘stiff upper lip’ reputation. But actually our modus operandi is to stand out, to lead and to show our mettle to the world in a structured way (Ascendant/Midheaven midpoint in Leo conjunct Saturn). This is why we were once great, why we had an empire and why we have produced so many great people who led within their fields within the world. Interestingly, both Theresa May and Trump get this about my country. Trump’s Mars in Leo and Theresa May’s Venus in Leo sit on the UK Saturn and the Ascendant/Midheaven midpoint. So hopefully May and Trump can strike up a friendship where we are not ‘at the back of a queue’, because Trump gets our Brexit decision – we aren’t a country to tolerate being part of a group where we have little say in matters and where our views are trodden down and Theresa May automatically understands this.

So why do I say the 2020’s are calling? Because we begin some new and important cycles in that period. For now I will just speak about the first one. In December 2020 we begin a new 240 year Jupiter Saturn cycle moving from meeting in earth signs to air signs. This cycle is regarded as a great historical time marker. The current cycle began in the mid 1800’s in the earth element as we were in the throes of the Industrial Revolution. Think about what a time marker that period was for the UK and how far we have come mechanically and technologically since then.

Earth is very much about practical and financial concerns – food, population, money etc. At the end of 2020 we begin the air cycle when Jupiter and Saturn meet at 0 degrees of Aquarius. The fact that they meet at 0 degrees is also I feel significant. The Jupiter Saturn cycle is important in terms of financial systems generally – so perhaps there will be some kind of financial reset or new economic system. Air, and Aquarius, speak about communications, intellectual awakening, technology, science, space travel, language, culture, new ways of exchanging information. It is also about a humanitarian coming together. Could we possibly see some kind of religion unity? Maybe. For sure we will see an explosion of scientific discoveries, things to do with space and space travel and perhaps also what is out there in space – some kind of ET disclosure perhaps.

Because we are heading towards a cycle which augurs great change it is just not possible for us to stick with the same old, whether we like it or not and whether we feel entitled to it or not. It won’t work and it is broken.

So the USA has Trump and we in the UK have Brexit. The US has many problems to solve after eight years of a Presidency which has achieved little. The EU is a broken record and with elections coming up in France, Germany and the Netherlands who knows what will happen.

Trump has been full of surprises since he began campaigning, (as would be expected of someone who is Sun conjunct Uranus in Gemini – and don’t I know that one too). So try to put aside the news that says he is a joke, that he will just press the button in a fit of pique. Studies that I have done in a group led by William Stickevers in the US indicate that, despite the confusion and chaos that the Aries ingress chart demonstrates, Trump’s first six months of office augur well. It is the second half of 2017 which may prove more problematic for him as amongst other things his chart is particularly highlighted by the total solar eclipse in August aspecting his Mars on the Ascendant. He may hit a wall of some kind at this point but if he can overcome whatever obstacles come his way then, his presidency may just surprise the doubters.

He is a man with a destiny (Sun and Uranus conjunct the North Node and Regulus – the Royal Star – on the Ascendant and conjunct his Progressed Sun in 2016). He is the Pluto Uranus person, capable of thinking outside the box who is changing America in the lead up to the 2020’s.

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Full Moon January 12 2017

This Full Moon is a particularly potent and dynamic one.  It  highlights the Cancer/Capricorn axis and, therefore, the emphasis is on finding some kind of balance between the Moon, representing emotions we hold on deeply to and with the Sun, representing the image of ourselves we tend to put out into the public domain.   Because the Full Moon is exact not long before noon in the UK, the Sun sits high in the sky.  It is also sitting alongside Pluto, planet of transformation, which suggests that perhaps the image of ourselves that is being transformed is not currently true to the truth.  However, before we get transformation some kind of behaviour pattern needs to die so that it can indeed transform and be reborn as something which actually will serve us in a more positive fashion.


We are surrounded by difficult energies right now and I know that some people are going through some particularly challenging times.  This is reflected in the sky with an ongoing aspect between Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto which will manifest through 2017.  However, because the Sun has moved in to highlight Pluto and the Moon sits opposite, we now have these planets making up a full square and we are faced with a particularly dynamic situation.  This is a square which wants some action though which makes it particularly volatile.   We are in a period of change on a massive scale and to be honest it is difficult to second guess exactly how this will manifest short term.  This period of massive change is exactly why here in the UK we have Brexit and in the US we have President Trump.  Things are being turned on their head and the people are saying they just don’t want the continuation of the same old policies and the same old fat cat elite.  We could see some kind of financial restrictions ahead, and/or some kind of large scale upset involving influences which are hidden from us in some way.


Full Moons tend to bring whatever has been concealed into full view, it is when things happen – when we reap what has been sown.  What can be done on an individual level to navigate the storms?   Firstly, it is important not to act rashly.   This is not the time to act on the spur of the moment but more it is a time to delve into our unconscious and truly think about what is important and to use both head and heart to make a truly balanced decision.  Truly listen to what that balance between heart and head says and use that wisdom to learn and grow.   Question what is happening around you rather than just jump to a usual conclusion.


This Full Moon chart is set for London.  It highlights the importance of successful negotiations and diplomacy towards the keeping of peaceful entente.   Our government is at the moment riding some difficult waters with regard to Brexit, much of which is kept secret from us.  We are also seeing high terror threats and we can only hope that nothing of this kind hits our shores.  Quite apart from the personal devastation caused by such events our economy is fragile and would be badly hit by such an occurrence.


So at this time delve into the unconscious and examine what needs to change.   Find the balance between head and heart and grow and become wiser from that point.   Then take any necessary action once you have truly been honest with yourself in order to make the necessary transformations within you.

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Full Moon Fire Ceremony – December 14 th , 2016


The full Moon of December 14th
falls across the mutable energies of the Sun in
Sagittarius and the Moon in Gemini. So, the focus is on communication and putting energy into how you communicate – and what better for this time of year than a Gemini Moon that likes nothing better than being sociable.
The background energy at the moment is extremely volatile and continues in this vein until it peaks on December 26th.  With this
energy anything could happen and very often the least expected scenario could occur. I call this particular transit the ‘earthquake
transit’, just because it is so changeable and volatile.

At the time of the Full Moon, the Sun and the Moon are in a conflicting pattern with Chiron, the wounded healer. Chiron represents the areas in life where we feel particularly wounded
– so this is a time to think about our wounds and our grievances, time to face them and to be able to talk about them. Time to
consider the thoughts and words you are holding within your unconscious mind.  Are they valid? Are they serving you? Or are they dragging you down? And then consider how much better you would feel if you could free yourself from these thoughts and wounds.
So this Full Moon is about delving down into your deepest depths, analyzing the thoughts and wounds you are holding on to and giving them expression in a controlled and responsible manner.

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Making Sense of Mass Hysteria and the US election

Since the result of the US election, one of the ugliest ever, America has seen riots and protests at the prospect of a Donald J Trump presidency. Trump promised that this election would be like Brexit plus plus – I guess you could say Brexit on steroids. And it has lived up to his promise. To be honest a big proportion of the astrological community got their prediction wrong – perhaps their personal beliefs got in the way. Who knows. In fact, to even suggest that Trump might actually become President led to furious backlashes on facebook and accusations of being a supporter for Trump. So why this vile shooting of the messengers?

During 2016 we had a series of difficult aspects between Saturn and Neptune – the clash of ideologies with realities. This seems to have produced a lack of tolerance for anyone who holds a different viewpoint. We have seen just this after both Brexit and the US election as some sections of society are unable to accept the democratic vote. It seems that the free floating anxiety in the atmosphere has produced a sense of mass hysteria in those who feel their way is thwarted and they haven’t got what they wanted.  Perhaps there is almost an air of entitlement knocking around these days.

Neither Brexit nor the election of a maverick such as Trump should have been a surprise for the astrological community. Between 2012 and 2015 we had seven difficult exact meetings between Pluto and Uranus. However, the energy has been in play since 2008 and is currently being reactivated by Jupiter, the planet of expansion. This is an energy that demands change. It reflects in social rebellion, turmoil – radical change at a fundamental level. This along with the Saturn Neptune square provided the background of the perfect storm.

This is the chart for Donald J Trump


He was born at the time of a full moon with his Sun in Gemini next to the north node and the planet Uranus. A Gemini Sun is usually chatty and sociable, but the presence of Uranus gives him the propensity to be a rebel, someone who wants to shock – in fact, he has no filter to what he says as his mouth engages before his brain puts the brakes on. He’s a rebel of the first order, but the planet Uranus also tends to lend an air of authenticity. So, he speaks as he believes rather than as others want him to. The royal star Regulus was on his Leo ascendant and Mars as he was born. And during 2016 his progressed Sun moved into Virgo, bang on where Regulus is now. Trump was born to do something important.

Leo rising speaks of someone who is flamboyant, known for his hair and someone who likes an adoring audience. Leo loves the chase but once they have their prey they can be easily bored, a trait backed up by his Gemini Sun. However, the layer of Leo- ness is thin – the main part of his first house, and therefore his body and his personality, is Virgo. Now Virgo is a much more modest sign with a sense of humility and a desire to serve. Virgo can often be fastidious in some areas of life, not necessarily tidy as is often thought though. But the young Trump is said to have been very tidy in his dress also having a desire to make sure his clothes were always neatly folded. The Venus Saturn conjunction in his chart suggests surprisingly someone who perhaps lacks confidence and he may use his brashness as a kind of cover up. This alongside the Virgo backdrop perhaps gives him the ability to have a sense of humility and willingness to serve his country. He has the potential for flexibility and to be discerning in what he believes and who he asks for advice – remember, he is not answerable to the elite. He funded his own campaign, he is not a career politician and his team was not made up of experienced politicians. Instead he sifted out what he wanted and who he wanted.

It is not just people who have charts – countries do too. This is the chart for the USA.



The American chart is, however, a troubled chart, caught up in both the Pluto Uranus square as well as the Saturn Neptune square. No wonder the mass hysteria.

Another clue which should have led to many astrologers giving Trump the right to the White House is that his natal chart plugs in to the chart of the USA in a way that Hillary’s does not. Trump’s Sun conjunct the north node sits on the USA Mars in the 7th house – so we can hope that Trump looks to himself working in partnership with his country and perhaps with their already existing partnerships.  His Moon is exactly opposite, in the USA first house – he emotionally identifies with being American, and with his south node there too, he harks back to seeing America big and great again. We can see this resonance as Trump’s Sun trines Jupiter while the USA Sun squares Jupiter. Both want to be larger than life itself.
Clinton’s connections with the USA chart are just so much weaker.

Having trained in horary astrologer with William Stickevers in Caifornia (sadly I only went there on line rather than in person), I was privileged to be asked to work with him on ongoing political snapshots prior to the election itself. William had already identified that Trump was becoming an unstoppable force, defying everything that the media and the pollsters were saying. Our horary snapshots consistently and correctly identified that forces such as wikileaks would show themselves and that there would be a sudden and almost shocking change of momentum towards the end in favour of Trump. This is indeed how it panned out. However, to even say this was to invite a torrent of abuse from those who were so horrified at the thought of change in this form – for them only Hillary could provide security in their eyes. Hillary represents the choice of the establishment, the status quo, whilst Trump is the wild card – the Pluto Uranus candidate.

I hope that American will calm once the shock has subsided. Although Trump will provide the perfect scapegoat for any future difficulties, I doubt that he will prove to be so bad for the country he cares about. His chart suggests that he may find the changes in his own life difficult – least of all because a Sun conjunct Uranus person wants to feel free. During next year he has some heavy Saturn transits suggesting that he will certainly feel that burden of office.   As Saturn literally symbolises ‘walls’ I expect that talk of the wall will continue.  But he takes on this new role with a sense of responsibility and caution. I hope that the American people and the elite give him the chance.

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