Nourish Mind and Body- Full Moon February 19 2019

Nourishing Mind and Body
On February 19th the Moon is full in London at 3.54 p.m., at 0 degrees of Virgo. A Full Moon is always a time of releasing; it’s a time when everything can be seen in full light and we can reap the harvest of what we have sewn.
It’s also the point where the Moon (the Soul) can fully face the light of the Sun (the Spirit) and the Soul can see how to make some checks in terms of direction in order to be better able to achieve full potential and fulfil the life purpose.
Each lunar phase is a focus point, or check point. Did we plant the right seed at the previous New Moon – it may have seemed so at the time, but did we plant it in fertile ground? Does the seed need a bit more watering, a bit more fertilising or do we need perhaps a different seed? Indeed, did we expect the seed to grow in a climate that did not support it? Now Virgo energy can be a great help here. Virgo seeks to discriminate, to analyse, to improve and to perfect. Virgo is concerned with practical functionality and will willingly and industriously try to be of service. The Virgo knowledge of managing practical situations as well as analysing and handling data is of huge value – it represents the computer-like abilities our brains have in terms of being able to process huge amounts of information. Virgo just wants the bits that are useful, so she will happily trundle away sorting out the wheat from the chaff. Virgos have a reputation for being tidy, but that is definitely not always the case. However, for sure there will be at least one area of life where a Virgo will desire order and organisation.
The symbol for Virgo is the maiden carrying the wheatsheaf and, in the Northern half of the world, the time of Virgo coincides with the natural harvest time; but this was not always so. Back in the day, around 6,000 BCE, Virgo ruled the summer solstice in late June, rather than the harvest time of late August. This is because of a phenomenon called precession. The Earth’s axis rotates – imagine a spinning top – and, induced by gravity, the orientation of the rotational axis shifts gradually (precession), eventually causing a particular season to occur at a slightly different place and the area of stars pointed to by the North Celestial Pole to change over time. Incredibly, although this happens over a precessional period of approximately 26,000 years, the Ancients were aware of this phenomenon.
Legend explains Virgo’s shift by saying that the Goddess dropped the wheat sheaf to form the Milky Way and left her position as ruler of the summer solstice in distress because of the behaviour of humans. Then, across cultures and myths she became the archetypal harvest bringer who embodies the purity of the virgin, the goodness of the harvest and the independence of someone strong in their own skin.
The brightest star of Virgo is Spica, represented by the wheat sheaf the Goddess is holding and symbolising the potential for brilliance and talent within the individual, as well as the gifts of knowledge and insights.
The Moon travels through Leo to get to Virgo and we can see the symbolism of her journey from Leo to Virgo in legend in the form of the sphinx, who has the head of the harvest goddess (Virgo) and the body of the lion (Leo). The sphinx was apparent across many cultures and not just the Egyptian. Whilst the Egyptian sphinx has the head of a man, in other cultures including Greece, Asia and Europe the head was female. A sphinx guarded the ancient Greek city of Thebes and required visitors to gain entry by solving a riddle, whilst Freemasons guarded their Temples with the sphinx to protect their wisdom and the secrecy of their knowledge. Virgo was also symbolised as the mother holding a child and in this respect she symbolises Ceres, or Demeter in Greek myth, whose daughter Persephone was abducted into the Underworld by Hades/Pluto; it was Demeter’s sorrow and revenge that brought us the seasons. By the time of Christianity she had become Mary holding the child Jesus.
The corn is ripe and strong, as is the maiden, and the maiden’s task is to sort which part of the harvest is useful and what can be discarded. Here, as an Earth sign, Virgo is concerned about practical usefulness. She is the discerning analyst – the most critical of inner critic, the perfection seeker. In fact, just what we need to cast an eye over our own harvest to see if it is what we need and to improve it.

The Moon in this Full Moon chart forms a critical aspect to the other planets. She is on her own, with the other planets sitting the other side of the chart. She acts like a handle – so her energy is like a key or a door to the energy of the other planets. But she cuts a lonely figure in the chart, which may increase her anxiety to be perfect and to get things right, as she looks across at where she should discriminate, what she should prioritise. She was in the same situation at the last Full Moon when she was in Leo. Now Leo loves the show and the limelight and her concern at that point was not being in the limelight. Virgo, however, is much more shy and modest. She wants to do things correctly and perfectly and worries that she may not have done it right. Virgo likes to sweat the small stuff – she overthinks and over worries but she will want to hone her crafts.
For more clues as to how this Full Moon will manifest we can look to the position of Mercury, the Lord of Virgo. And we see Mercury sitting in Pisces – a position where he gets confused and finds it hard to be effective – alongside Neptune, who is as happy as Larry in his home sign. This accentuates the amount of Pisces energy and, therefore, the need for strong boundaries within the self towards others. Pisces is the polar opposite of Virgo – Virgo wants containment and order whilst Pisces, symbolised by two fish in the ocean each swimming in the opposite direction, seeks a world without boundaries. We could think of this in terms of Virgo as the rational conscious self and Pisces as the deep unfathomable unconscious. So this Full Moon could be a point where the rational, discerning Virgo can tap into the imaginative, the sympathetic, the intuitive, with a sense of heightened perception to reveal exciting possibilities and the stuff of dreams. By using Virgo’s more practical side to sift through what is needed and what is not, it is possible, through more emotionally led trains of thought, to find inspiration and higher truth. This is heightened by the presence of Neptune sitting with Mercury but- and it’s a big but – Neptune can also cloud, confuse, deceive, give rise to illusion and have no boundaries. So it is important to give real focus to the qualities of our Moon in Virgo to ensure that we are not being fed fake ideas and fake promises and that we are not deluding ourselves. And with Virgo’s discernment we can strengthen our boundaries so that others cannot leech our energy and we can use our insight to discriminate the data we process.
Neptune and Pisces idealise, their energy is non-discriminatory and free-flowing and they just love an ideology. We also have Pluto in Capricorn busily exposing and bringing up what some might prefer to keep buried in the Underworld. Now the last period of time that we had Neptune in Pisces and Pluto in Capricorn was around 1520 – the time of the Protestant Reformation. Triggered by reformers Martin Luther and John Calvin who wanted to do something about the corruption they saw in the Catholic Church, the religious aspects of the Reformation were seized upon by political rulers who saw their own opportunity to extend their own power and control at the expense of the Church. The Reformation turned out to be a religious, political, intellectual and cultural upheaval that splintered Catholic Europe. Anyone see any similarities to our current situation? As I have said before, when we see repeating astrological cycles we also see history repeating itself, although in not quite the same way because the cultural backdrop has changed. The Church no longer has the same power over the people, but we can still follow the money to see who might not want to lose the control they currently have and who might benefit if they did gain control. With Brexit we are on the precipice of a splintered Europe once again; but who will exploit the opportunities?
With social media and media in general it is now easier than ever to promote a view point, an ideology or a desire, in a way which will benefit the person who is putting it out but who at the same time has the ability to remain under wraps and invisible (Neptune in Pisces). Media is great, but there is a darker side which can be insidious and pervasive with the filtering of content and the monopoly over our media leading us to believe we have formed an opinion of our own when in actual fact we have been drip fed information.
Looking at things differently
Now whatever seed we plant we need to ensure the climate is right for it. This applies as much to how we nurture that seed as to whether that seed can physically grow. Bear with me and let’s just explore one area where we have been conditioned unquestioningly to accept the scientific view. We read much about global warming and our summer of last year would certainly lead us to consider this to be the case. Uranus, planet of disruption, shocks and awakening is poised to enter Taurus fully, where he will stay for the next 6 years. In Babylonian times Taurus began the zodiac year, coinciding with the Spring, and in many cultures the Bull, symbolic of Taurus, represents fertility, growth and power. Uranus’ presence in Taurus is highly likely to reflect extremes in weather and our economy, and, in actual fact, we have just seen the recent Polar Vortex weather in parts of the USA with temperatures of minus 40, colder than Antarctica, whilst at the same time Australia sizzled in heat wave conditions of plus 40 Celsius. Now we are constantly warned about global warming and encouraged to ‘go green’. And much of this is good advice because we certainly have not treated our planet earth with respect. But, let’s just put our Virgo hat on here and imagine we have to solve the riddle to enter the city of Thebes. According to nearly all reports we are on the threshold of global warming and, furthermore, it is all our fault! But, is Man really able to influence climate? In fact, weather is usually one area of life where we seem to be pretty powerless in the face of floods, earthquakes, tsunamis etc. There are a small amount of scientists and astronomers who actually consider we might be heading for global cooling, which is much more dangerous for us humans than its opposite global warming, and is a situation for which we are totally unprepared. The carbon taxes put in place by governments have sparked the global rise in the #giletsjaune (yellow vests) movement and their subsequent violent protests.
The surface of the Sun has electrically charged gases that generate areas of powerful magnetic forces or magnetic fields. Sunspots are areas that appear dark on the surface of the Sun and, as magnetic field lines near sunspots tangle and cross, there can be sudden explosions of energy or solar flares and Coronal mass ejections, which are huge bubbles of radiation which explode into space. These explosions of energy can even interfere with radio communications or power grids on Earth. Now sunspot activity actually has an 11.2 year cycle of its own, when the number of sunspots moves from low to high and then back to low again. Some scientists link the sunspot cycle to climate. Between the years 1645 and 1715 – a period known as the Maunder Minimum – virtually no sunspots were seen and this coincided with the middle part of the Little Ice Age, during which Europe and North American experienced colder than average temperatures. There are certain scientists/weather watchers/astronomers who consider that we are about to enter a period such as this Maunder Minimum. During a change in climate – and the Earth appears to have experienced many such cycles – wind streams can change and we could experience much more extreme weather with heavy rain or drought and extremes of temperature.
I am not saying this is going to happen but I am highlighting one of the energies of this Full Moon which is to question, to analyse information, to be discerning and to discriminate. We are so bombarded with news these days and it is hard to know what is true and what is just ‘fake’ overblown lies (and this is very apparent at this Full Moon).
If we use the discrimination of Virgo alongside the inspiration of Pisces then we can perhaps avoid being one of those shoals of fish swimming chaotically in opposite directions. We arrogantly assume that our Earth will just keep on ‘giving’ no matter how little respect we give it but this Full Moon is saying that we do need to pay attention to our harvest and, therefore, to the climate the seed grows in.
And the seven conflict aspects between Pluto and Uranus, signifying turmoil and social upheaval, in range since 2008 and still just in range, although nearing the end of the cycle at this Full Moon, has changed our world, preparing us for what is to come. But once this aspect goes finally out of range it doesn’t mean we go back to how things were. It has formed the cultural backdrop, the scenery on the stage, for our future lives. In the last ten years we have seen the Arab Spring, global recession, Fukushima, private entrepreneurs entering the space race, Brexit, Trump election, #metoo movement and rise in feminism, rise of terrorism, eg. Charlie Hebdo massacre and #giletsjaune. In 2007 the first IPhone was released fuelling the era of the smartphone. Facebook only opened in 2006! And around 2008 the InternetOfThings (IoT), a network of devices, appliances and vehicles embedded with technology enabling them to connect and exchange data was born – this will fuel the rise of Artificial Intelligence and is likely to lead to our Fourth Industrial Revolution.

What’s in this Full Moon for us?
Where are the Moon’s allies? One is the Fixed Star Regulus who sits shoulder to shoulder with the Moon. Regulus is a Royal Star and a star that gives great success so long as revenge is not part of the game. (This takes us back to the Reformation when some used the situation for their own personal gains.) Now we have our own troubled Europe with the potential for rifts to occur. Some will gain and some will lose and the media will facilitate this. But Regulus is a hugely powerful ally to have on your side.
Another ally is a harmonious aspect from the Moon to Mars, who has left Aries and is now in Taurus, where he’s not so comfortable; his energy is slowed and he might become truculent and stubborn or act like a ‘bully boy’. Whilst he was in Aries he would have eagerly and impatiently taken the fast lift up to his destination at the top of the building, not seeing anything on the way. He was at his destination before he had hardly started! Now in Taurus, and linked to Virgo’s analytical energy, he can see where to place his steps. He can see his surroundings and he has time to stop and consult people for guidance on the way, even if he doesn’t really want to. So, even if the destination is not totally clear, he can lay down his building blocks. The stickability and perseverance of Taurus compliments the predominantly flexible and cardinal, or ‘doing’, energy at this Full Moon, which is different to the last two lunar phases where the energy was much more fixed and rigid. The flexibility and the ‘doing’ energy of this Full Moon means that if we see a bump or obstacle in the road we have the potential to swerve and avoid it, to bend and change and we also have the desire and energy to get things done.
Virgo as a sign tends to be associated with diet and health – foods that come from the earth and healing herbs used in herbal medicine and homeopathy. So do you need to get your own climate right and pay more attention to your diet and your health so that you in turn can give the seeds you will plant at the next New Moon their best chance? And we must not forget to nourish the Soul. With Mercury, the planet of the mind, and Neptune both in Pisces we have great energy for meditation, for accessing dreams, for heightened intuitive ability, for yoga and for spiritual exercise. We can be compassionate and kind to ourselves. But we must ensure that our boundaries are strong – if they are weak we are in danger of being pulled from pillar to post by the desires of others and subsequently of not being able to evaluate and process the information we receive. Nourishing both mind and body can allow you to find your star ‘Spica’ – your potential for brilliance without being lost in doubt, over thinking or over worrying. We come to understand that, whilst we have compassion, we do not take on unconsciously the pain of others, rather we learn how to have a strong sense of individual identity so that we can improve the physical world through spirituality.
Discernment * Analysis * Insight * Strong boundaries * Brilliance * Compassion * Kindness
Personalised Lunar Phase Reports – Will tell you where in your own chart the lunar phase will occur, which planets and areas of life are lit up and how to navigate them. Includes extra information on how the planetary energies are affecting you personally at the time, allowing you to really focus and structure your life and your meditation practice.

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New Moon 4th February 2019

Do you live your life or does life live you? Hear the bugle call.

Already we are at the second month of 2019, a New Moon at 9.04p.m. in the UK on February 4th, and a time to set new intentions.

The Sun and the Moon at the New Moon of 4th February 2019, are wearing whacky, unconventional Aquarian clothes and Doc Martin boots. However, six planets and the South Node in this chart are under the governance of Saturn who much prefers the sober business suit! So, already we can see that we have two different stories going on.

So first a quick overview of the backdrop. In the last Full Moon article I spoke of Endings and Beginnings. A New Moon is always a beginning and we still have two more Full Moons to come, each at zero degrees of their sign (beginnings), and then one at 29 degrees, the very end of a sign (endings). This is quite unusual – but then we are in unusual times. Zero and 29 are known as critical degrees, which means they are very significant and carry with them their own potency in terms of beginnings and endings. We also have Uranus at almost 29 degrees of Aries, preparing to fully enter Taurus for the next seven years or so, whilst Chiron, the maverick and the wounded healer, sits at 29 degrees of Pisces, preparing to enter Aries (more Endings and Beginnings). All planets, however, are in forward motion – nothing is retrograde – so there is an energy of ‘doing’ and of getting down to business. Saturn and Pluto are now in a close enough aspect to be sitting with each other (a conjunction), as they prepare to begin a new cycle and meet exactly in January 2020. Right now, as they get to the end of their current cyclical dance, they signify fractures, the breaking down that occurs before a new beginning, the revelation of things that are corrupt or broken and the emergence of realism and a new order – so more endings and beginnings.

With Sun, Moon and Mercury all in Aquarius we are being asked to not only walk to a different drumbeat but also talk a different drumbeat too. However, Mercury as planet of the mind and communication is pretty close to the Sun and is in danger of getting his fingers burned – so he perhaps feels he can’t quite say all he wants. Having said this though there is the potential for flashes of inspiration and brilliance and when we get these we must listen and hang on to them. How many of us think we are walking a different path to the norm but, whilst we want to talk the walk, we can’t always get the words out. And in this day and age of collective entitlement is it any wonder that we fear being shouted down and publicly annihilated by the pervasiveness and anonymity of social media (Jupiter square Neptune, both in their own signs)?

Aquarius is a fixed, masculine air sign and is the signature of identifying as part of a group, the humanitarian, the one who considers everyone whatever their beliefs, creed, race, gender, tribe. Saturn, governor of Aquarius, is very much at home in his own sign of Capricorn and, as such, feels it is his job to set the rules – in fact, there is a huge sense of inflexibility in this chart. And whilst Aquarius seeks reform and rebellion, he can also be extremely inflexible, very aloof and detached, and pursue his ideal for reformation with such zeal that he forgets the group and denies the viability of all other arguments, considering he is right and everyone else has it wrong. We can see this totally in the UK with Brexit, as we have a pantomime of different views in Parliament, each shouting down the other, and in America as their Government has effectively closed its doors, government workers are not being paid and all because of a very Saturn symbol – a wall. These are just two examples where each side stubbornly digs in for ideological principles but without any real humanity towards the common man.

And astrologically we can see all of this reflected in the New Moon chart. In plain language we have Mars, the God of War, Eris, Goddess of Strife and Uranus, planet of shock, revolution and liberation standing together on one side. I don’t think you have to be an astrologer to see the issue with this line up!!! Now, they are clashing with Saturn, planet of Time, responsibility, rules, boundaries, sitting with Pluto, God of the Underworld (as I said earlier Saturn and Pluto are at the end of their current cycle). The South Node also here in the mix suggests that we either have to let go of something from the past or learn from the past. This conflicting aspect signifies the discord and the disharmony, which can be seen all over the world pulling situations and people apart as the dysfunctions are revealed and we enter a critical time of crisis and conflict. And it is this energy that is propelling us forward to the changing times we are heading towards in the 2020s. At this New Moon it wouldn’t be surprising to see a rise in violent events with all this hot-headed energy.

So, let’s go a bit deeper into the energy and more importantly the coping strategies we can adopt that will not only align with universal positive energies but also help us to get through this disruptive period with minimum pain.

And here I’m going to dive into the archetypal principles that mythology shows us. Mars and Eris are brother and sister. Homer describes Eris as at first being small and insignificant but whose wrath is relentless and holding a delight in the tumult of war and increasing the moaning of men. She had an insatiable desire for bloodshed, whilst her brother Mars loves a good fight and wielding of the sword. But we are also told that Eris has two sides to her nature. One is the hateful, bloodthirsty side whilst the other merely wants to provoke the thoughtless and the lazy to consider their situation in life and to get up and fight or work for what is important. Eris was an activist, a radical feminist and dished out her own version of poetic justice. We can see her actions within the #metoo and the feminist movements. Mars or Ares meanwhile was the Olympian god of war, battle lust, courage and civil order.

The final one in the trio of Aries planets is Uranus, the primordial god of the sky, representing archetypal energies of the expression of the universal mind. Now whilst his energy is wild, shocking and unpredictable he is co-governor of the sign of Aquarius alongside Saturn and as such represents the thinking side of Aquarius. By embracing reform and revolution he seeks to enlighten man and free him from the boundaries and shackles of Saturnian energy to embrace the new, the unusual and the unconventional, coupled with keen intelligence and a humanitarian attitude. To do this he needs the freedom to roam, which is why, under his area of governance, Aquarians can sometimes perhaps appear detached and aloof.

Close to home we can see this Mars/Uranus unrestrained energy in the form of the yellow vests or ‘gilets jaunes’ movement which spread in Europe, and particularly in Paris, protesting at rising fuel costs and what was viewed as social oppression. We can also in a different way see it in the spread of Artificial Intelligence, which will free man from the drudgery of routine and repetitive jobs, but will also bring job losses for those who can least afford it. Long term, of course, this may all be for the good but in the current cash-strapped environment of the UK it’s hard to see how some people will not suffer.

Saturn or Kronos was the King of the Titans and the God of Time. He castrated and deposed his father Uranus and swallowed each of his children for fear that they might overthrow him. But it is said he ruled over a ‘most prosperous government and settlement’, and that his people had ‘everything in abundance’. It is said that he did this with a setting of rules and responsible order and justice so that his people were both free and content. He is said to have ruled over a Golden Age and ‘caused all men who were his subjects to change from a rude way of living to civilized life’. Pluto or Hades, was the God of the Dead and the Underworld. However, he was also the god of the hidden wealth of the earth because it is here that the seeds are nourished and where we find precious metals such as gold and silver. So deep down within us Pluto guards the realm of not only the hurts and pains we bury, but also the hidden treasures of buried knowledge and talents which can become our greatest treasures if only we took the Time (Saturn) to allow them to be brought up into the light and be discovered.

So this aspect of Mars, Eris and Uranus versus Saturn, Pluto and the South Node can actually be a point where, if we give ourselves that Time to search deep within ourselves to where our true talents are held, we can use their huge fighting dynamics of Mars, Eris and Uranus to release these talents for our own personal awakening and liberation. Mars right now is strong in his own time so he has the power to cut through everything to get right to the point. I see it as a bugle call, trying to jolt us and wake us up so that we dig deep for those talents that we possess but do not yet use – it is precisely these gifts we are going to need. But if we are truly going to grow we also have to be prepared to call ourselves out on everything – our successes as well as our sh*t !!

In late 2020 Jupiter joins up with Saturn and Pluto to form a rare alignment of these three planets in Capricorn. Now the last time we had this alignment was in 411AD, the time of the Fall of Rome, and 1146, the time of the Crusades. Whilst today’s culture is radically different from those historical times, the energy is the same – both eras were significant times and I believe that we are heading for a key point in time. In 2020 we also have the lunar nodes in the line up which suggests a fated or karmic quality to this period – perhaps saying have you really not learned the lessons of history? If we just take Saturn and Pluto, as we have now, then the last time that these two guys were together in Capricorn was when Martin Luther challenged the status quo in 1517 -20, spearheading the Reformation within the Church – this was a big deal because the Church was the politics of the day. The Fall of Rome was characterised by a destruction of a mode of life marked by indulgence, decadence and greed. Anyone see any similarities here to our current times of collective entitlement, destruction of global resources to satisfy greed and a ‘me first’ attitude? And the Crusades – Christianity versus Islam! Say no more! I am just highlighting these dates because I think you can get a feel for the fact that these are uncommon times, but also illustrating how history repeats itself in a slightly different way with similar energies within a different cultural backdrop. Saturn represents religion with rules – religions such as Christianity and Islam, but as I mentioned in the last article we have Jupiter still in close aspect with Neptune, which speaks of a more spiritual form of belief – one that can be accessed through contemplation, meditation or yoga.

Now also in 2020 we begin another new cycle – this time a roughly 250 year cycle and this is represented by Jupiter and Saturn. We are coming to the end of the current cycle which began in the 1850’s with the Industrial Revolution, a point of huge change in socio economic culture. It is highly likely we are about to enter another Industrial Revolution – one of Artificial Intelligence, robotics, nanotechnology, space colonization and perhaps wider issues to do with genetic variation. I don’t want to confuse matters too much by going into too much detail on this – I am merely highlighting the significance of the changing times we are in.
Saturn Pluto represents a cutting back in order to survive, as well as exposure of cover-ups, things that have been buried or issues where perhaps we have been either misled or just chosen to turn a blind eye. Now I am not supporting Trump at all but to a certain extent we have a President here who is very passionate about his own country and making it great. He has made no secret that he breaks a tradition of Presidents he considers to have been controlled by what he considers to the Deep State, which I am guessing is something on the lines of the Dark Web, which operates underneath the normal Web in the same way that Pluto operates in the Underworld. Now we see a lot of accusatory comments against him, and, had we believed the propaganda in the media, a vote for Trump was a wasted vote because he had no chance of getting across the finishing line. And yet he won against all the odds. Pluto also represents the ‘elite’ and generally when we have news that is confusing it is very often a case of ‘follow the money’ for clues to the truth.

We can also see the energy of cutting back in order to survive in our UK high streets. With more and more people shopping online, fuelled by the rise in Artificial Intelligence, the shop is fast becoming an expensive luxury.

We are at the end of a Saturn/Pluto cycle which began in 1982 with the birth of the internet, the second Cold War, and with some of the countries in Europe about to embark on the Schengen Agreement, facilitating free borders. We have now moved from the birthing of the internet to rapidly expanding Artificial Intelligence which is only possible because of the internet, we have new conflicts with Russia and the conflict over borders in Europe continues. Saturn/Pluto speaks of a restriction and/or a redistribution of power, the emergence of realism and a new order whilst the square to Mars, Eris and Uranus symbolises the political battles as each faction considers itself to be right. But, both Aquarius and Uranus seek authenticity and the truth.

Most importantly, how do we cope and what strategies should be we adopt? If Saturn and Pluto together represent a reality check and a paring back, then it is important to consider and perhaps plan for the future, to get your ducks in a row so to speak. If there are areas that you can realistically cut back then do so. But most of all be proactive and not a reactive bystander to life, being buffeted around by the unexpected. Live your life rather than let life live you. We shouldn’t be surprised if as the planets conjoin there isn’t some kind of X or Black Swan event.

As I said in the last article, with Jupiter and Neptune in aspect, find your spiritual consciousness because this will help to counteract the harsh realities and the difficulty in knowing who and what to believe. By calming the mind and using meditation, yoga or whatever your spiritual practice might be you can find your personal place of calm and solace which will enable you to access that higher level of expression that Uranus and Aquarius represent and enable you to have the time (Saturn) to receive those flashes of intuition and intuitive thoughts (Mercury in Aquarius square Uranus and Jupiter square to Neptune). By being proactive and at the same time realistic you can create change in your life, and you stand a chance of your dreams becoming the new reality (Saturn sextile Neptune). If you find the harsher, more disruptive energy of fight and revenge entering your own life, rather than allowing It to go inwards, use it positively and direct it into some kind of exercise – gym, running, walking, yoga – whatever type of exercise floats your boat.

Aquarius is the group or the community, so find your tribe of like-minded people. Try not to be with those who deplete your energy but rather instead spend time with those who inspire you and raise your levels of thought. And try to be authentic and feel that your thoughts and views are worthwhile and that you have a right to your own opinions and beliefs. Have the courage to persevere (Saturn) but be kind within your tribe and to those less fortunate. Don’t be afraid to walk to your own personal drumbeat and allow the drive for awakening (Mars strong in his own sign, Eris, Uranus) to allow you to consider what talents and treasures you have buried deep within (Saturn, Pluto, South Node) which can allow you to have a new start.

Hear the bugle call. Raise your consciousness and expand your mind to new levels where you can think outside the box and truly talk the walk of the different drumbeat (Jupiter square Neptune, Sun, Moon, Mercury in Aquarius).

Be real. Be authentic. Be compassionate.

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Total Lunar Eclipse Super Blood Moon



The Full Moon of 21.1 is the only total lunar eclipse of 2019 and will be visible from the Americas. A total lunar eclipse occurs when the Earth moves between the Sun and the Moon; as a shadow is cast the Moon turns a dark red colour. This Full Moon is also a Super Blood Wolf Moon – a Super Moon because it is at the point of its orbit where it is closest to Earth making it appear extremely large, and a Full Wolf Moon, a Native American name, because of the howling of hungry wolves during January.

At the Full Moon we always have the Sun and Moon in opposing signs – so at this one we have the Moon in proud and regal Leo and the Sun in Aquarius. Furthermore, the Moon will be sitting alongside the karmic destiny point of the North Node (although out of sign in Cancer), whilst the other planets all sit in the other half of the chart to the Moon. In this way the Moon almost acts like a handle or the key to the whole essence of the energy pattern.

So let’s unpack the meaning of this a bit more. Firstly, I should note that we have four planets strong in their own signs – Mars in Aries, Jupiter in Sagittarius, Saturn in Capricorn and Neptune in Pisces. What this means is that these planets are functioning with strength and without their particular energy being diluted with the flavour of another sign, i.e. Mars in Aries is forward thrusting, direct, and will have a tendency to elbow anyone else out of the way to get to where he wants; Jupiter in Sagittarius has great strategic vision but can be led to over extend; Saturn in Capricorn will follow the rules of order and tradition but will also break apart what is not perceived as fit for purpose; Neptune in Pisces can give great compassion, dreams and empathy, works without boundaries, but also gives increased potential for confusion and deception.

Additionally, the four planets in their own signs can be broken down further into two pairs working together. Jupiter and Neptune are exactly dynamically aspecting each other, as are Mars and Saturn. We have choices and this is where we have to ensure we are self aware – Mars and Saturn together are like the ‘heavy’ mob and can give us the aggression and the feel of the swashbuckling grim reaper in the vein of Donald Trump, or more positively they can give us the ability to persevere and put in sustained hard effort. Jupiter and Neptune together can allow us to dream big and give great compassion and empathy or, if we don’t bring in a dollop of Saturn realism – think of Saturn as the speed bumps in the road testing us and slowing us down – our dreams can become so unrealistic they can result in huge self-deception and scandals. As I said, we have choices.

I have spoken a lot about the global turmoil, rebellion and social unrest reflected in the seven Pluto Uranus conflicting aspects which we have experienced since 2008. This aspect is still in play, but we are also about to embark on two big new cycles which are happening on its coat tails and within the context it has left behind. I don’t want to distract too much about this in this Full Moon article because I will be making it the subject of an upcoming report. But I cannot not mention it today, because the energy is so crucial – the chart of the Full Moon really reflects the backdrop of the life we are in.

So one of the new cycles, exact in 2020 but already active, is Saturn sitting next to Pluto in Capricorn heralding a new 33 year cycle. But this cycle is actually much bigger than the 33 years we see on the surface, the energy of Saturn and Pluto together is particularly potent, having a particular effect on worn out economic and belief systems, social distress, the collapse of institutions and the exposure of cover ups. Just to quickly illustrate the importance of this cycle though a few facts:
• Saturn and Pluto last conjoined in Capricorn between 1517 and 1520.
• This was the point that Martin Luther published his 95 theses which challenged the status quo and spearheaded the Reformation.
• At this time there was also a leap in European colonisation and conquest
• And there was a backlash against the establishment
• The Saturn Pluto cycle which began in 1914 with the First World War finished with the end of World War Two
• The next Saturn Pluto cycle saw the Cold War, Extra-Terrestrial reports, the breaking apart of India, the first building blocks of the EU, Vietnam War
Now during 2020 Jupiter also joins the line up with Saturn and Pluto expanding the energy to an even greater extent. Uranus by then will have moved back into Taurus fully and the last time we saw this line up in Capricorn alongside Uranus in Taurus was 3838 BCE. I am just demonstrating here the uniqueness of our time but, of course, we live in a different world with a different cultural backdrop to then. So, whilst the actual events may differ, the energy will be similar and the important thing is that we find our coping and survival strategies for what I believe are going to be some difficult short-term times.

So, how do we use the energy of this lunar phase to steer us in the right direction and to stand us in good stead? Firstly, how can we negotiate the difficult Saturn Pluto energy. In short – be accountable and realistic, be proactive rather than reactive, have the tenacity and the perseverance to hold the line, always question what you are told and see the realities behind events so that you follow your authentic path. Honour your dreams (Neptune in Pisces) but be realistic and pro active about how you are going to achieve them (Saturn in Capricorn), be thrusting and go for your goals (Mars in Aries), but with empathy and compassion and kindness to others (Neptune in Pisces). Be realistic about your abilities – do you need more skills and help? If so go learn them, read, ask other people (Saturn in Capricorn). Be self-aware, raise your consciousness and thereby raise your game (Pluto in Capricorn and Jupiter in Sagittarius).

This Full Moon wants to stand out from the crowd, to be honoured and to work in a compassionate way towards her karmic destiny. She is fiercely loyal, warm hearted and proud, but there is a fear of not standing out – if she does stand out, she becomes instantly vulnerable. So raise your game and your consciousness, so that you are both pro-active and fully equipped. As I said earlier, the energy of this Moon in Leo is the key that unlocks everything else.

The Sun sits in the sign of Aquarius. Aquarians are innovative, original, humanitarian and walk to a different drumbeat. And this Full Moon is at zero degrees. So whilst a Full Moon tends to be the end of a cycle, harvest time, a time to reap what you have sewn, this one is also a beginning. Endings and Beginnings. And the Sun, sitting closely with the South Node in Capricorn and part of the heavy Capricorn line up, needs to let go of something; something that has been long-held, but by the same token is perhaps outworn and no longer self-serving. But often we find it hard to let go, even though deep down we know we must, of the familiar and the comforting, even if it no longer serves us. But the energy of this Moon is that we must look for new ways if we are to achieve our potential. If we are going to stand out and shine we must do this in order to be part of the new cycles and the new order that is coming.

I feel that we can all see that something is ‘off’ in our developed Western world, something is broken and needs to be fixed. As the energy of the seven Pluto/Uranus squares came into play around 2007 we got the first IPhone and Facebook – yes, it really is that recent. That has brought with it more than we can ever could have imagined at the time, and I’m thinking social media here. We have kids going into secondary education stressed, anxious and self-harming. We need to be really realistic and far better equipped to move forward into the next new cycles which are likely to take us forward technologically at an even greater stratospheric pace. When things feel ‘broken’ we must heed the call, because it is a sign that they must transform and be reborn and re-worked in a different way.

So how can we harness the positive sides of the planetary energies. We are being shown the skills – Mars in Aries is the soldier tactician, Jupiter in Sagittarius is the strategic planner, Neptune in Pisces allows us to move without boundaries hemming us in and to tap into our unconscious where we hold the answers; whilst Saturn in Capricorn allows us to establish the new realities, structures and foundations required to replace those which will be taken down. And, if what you try doesn’t totally work as you had hoped, re-work it, try something else – no-one will judge you or think badly of you. And at the end of the day it is the only way that you will know – they say that the best entrepreneurs are those that have failed and got back up again to try again.

What is ‘off’ or broken in your own life? What do you need to let go of so that there can be a transformation, a rebirth and a new dawn – Endings and Beginnings – so that you can truly stand in your own light and shine?
If this article was a recipe in a cookbook you will need the courage of the lion (Moon in Leo), perseverance (Saturn in Capricorn), compassion and the ability to seek beyond (Neptune in Pisces) and take an overview of where you are on the path to the next destination (Jupiter in Sagittarius). Jupiter and Neptune together can afford the ability to tap into the intuitive, the psychic, the mystic, the grand dreams – so that you can find that tiny spark which will allow you to the create the new reality out of the fantasy that can be seen on the horizon. This aspect is also about a spiritual type of religion. And in the past many more people would have attended the ritual of prayer in Church and allowed their mind to be still and silent and soak up that ritualistic energy. I believe that this is lacking and it is noticeable in the upsurge of mental health issues. One strategy to address this would be to incorporate meditation as a daily ritual within your everyday life.

The Moon in Leo requires us to step up and be the hero; to stand in the light with courage, pride and magnanimity; and if necessary to play out the role even if you bricking it!! The Sun in Aquarius is asking for the innovative and the way that is different from the old to prepare for the next new cycles – so if you don’t already perhaps consider incorporating into your routine a daily meditation ritual practice. And finally, but perhaps most importantly, add in a hefty dollop of intuitive magic.

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You are the Solution to the Problem – New Moon January 6th 2019

You are the solution to the problem

New Moon 6th January, 2019

At 1.28 a.m. on January 6th, 2019 we have the first New Moon of the year – and its our first solar eclipse of the year too. A solar eclipse occurs when the Moon moves between Earth and Sun and in ancient times eclipses were regarded as ominous for those who found themselves in its shadow, as the Sun was rendered invisible. So think of it as a most super of New Moons – a New Moon on steroids!

Now this is a New Moon that is set for some serious business because not only do we have Sun and Moon in solid, no-nonsense Capricorn, we have three more planets and the South Node in the line up as well. The message is clear – we’ve had the fun and festivities but now it’s about getting down to realities.

The Moon hates wearing Capricorn clothes. She is happy in floaty and dreamy pastel coloured dresses, but in Capricorn she is forced to don a sober black business suit. She’s out of her comfort zone. But sometimes that’s just where we need to be so that we change our attitudes and we think a bit differently.

Saturn is the Lord here and the rest of the planets are his honoured guests – and what a line up of guests he has – Mercury, Moon, Sun, Pluto, the South Node. The energy is about perseverance, structure, realism, following the rules, keeping boundaries, laying down laws – and above all that we must accept responsibility and accountability for our actions. And we should get used to this type of energy because it will be a dominating force for some time to come. Under its influence truths will be revealed but we will also find that we have our own solutions within us.

The energy of this New Moon is Cardinal Earth – Cardinal is about initiating, doing, starting something anew, whilst Earth speaks about tangible results and what is real. We have three planets strong in the signs that they rule. Mars and Saturn, respectively in Aries and Capricorn, provide the potential for grit and hard sustained effort, together with the drive and energy to power forward; whilst Neptune in his home sign of Pisces brings in the creativity, the spiritual awareness and the ability to be intuitive and to go beyond to where the Magic lies.

Now, the Sun and Moon at the time of this New Moon sit with the Fixed Star Vega, echoing the Neptune energy of looking for Magic. Vega is linked to Orpheus and the harp or lyre – the message hidden here is where can you find your own sense of magical enchantment that such an instrument uniquely brings? Look within at the artistic, the spiritual and the magical. The sheer amount of Capricorn energy at this Full Moon encourages us to keep our feet on the ground, but it is the search for the Magical, which is the release point towards where the opportunities lie. The opportunity for the tangible often comes from getting in touch with the intangible – the magic.

Uranus has stationed now ready to move forward and return to Taurus, so where are you being prompted to think outside the box, to walk against the way of the rest of the pack? To consider this it is vital to reflect on what really floats your boat – what would make you leap out of bed in the morning. Because, if you find your passion, then your whole attitude will change. Even if it is not possible for your passion to be your career, it can still be part of your life in some way.

The New Moon is always a new seed and this one, as an eclipse, more than others. So persevere even if you doubt your abilities, dig deep and sew the seeds that you really want to reap. Organise, plan, make lists. Above all take the time to get in touch with your more intuitive side by reflection and meditation. Results don’t necessarily come from rushing around trying to do as many things as possible in a day; they are much more likely to arise as you still your mind and allow it to be calm. This New Moon is about paring back and decluttering. That’s when the magic comes in and then you can know that you really are the solution to your problems.

Yes we must acknowledge the pain and the wounds we carry with us but know that within these lay our greatest abilities, our skills and our talents that we can bring to the table; so at this New Moon acknowledge how your wounds have shaped you rather than defined you.

So where can you find your sense of magic and enchantment? Where is your passion? At first you may need to completely pare back – like peeling the layers from the onion. Consider each layer – do you need it? Do you want it in your life? You will know when you find the enchantment and if it’s worth striving for you will follow its energy and you will persevere, you will lay down the necessary foundations and structure and you will be accountable – you will be the solution.

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Aim your Arrows High – New Moon 7th December 20181

Aim your arrows high

New Moon December 7th, 2018

On Friday December 7th, at 7.20 a.m., set for London, the Moon will be new in the sign of Sagittarius, the archer – depicted as half human and half horse.

The current series of New and Full Moons is interesting. This is the third of seven New Moons falling at 15 degrees – the halfway point – of the signs, whilst the Full Moons from November through to March fall at 0 degrees and April at 29 degrees. 0 degrees and 29 degrees are considered to be ‘critical’ degrees representing beginnings and endings.

This New Moon has a really strong Sagittarian theme to it with Jupiter, Lord of Sagittarius, rising in his own sign, followed closely by the Sun and the Moon. So, what energy can we expect? Well very different from the deep, intense, brooding energy we have just had with Scorpio and boy I think we are all overdue for something lighter. This energy is all about optimism, exuberance and finding the joy. Sagittarius is a mutable Fire sign and this Sun and Moon in the Aries decanate of Sagittarius is all about finding the excitement, vision and directed energy that goes with Fire. I think the main energy is going to be ‘aspiration’ and ‘aiming high’ – aiming higher than your previous Personal Best.

Some keywords also to consider – Enthusiasm, optimism, adaptability, visionary, expansive, building bridges, idealistic.

Sagittarius links the Fire of the Soul to the individual’s ability to rise up, to aspire, to be on the quest to explore the universe for the Truth – the Truth and the Wisdom through which they can truly grow, expand and evolve. Sagittarius constantly sees a higher goal to aim for – once he has reached one goal and his mind has expanded via the Cosmic Fire, he intuitively knows there is always another goal to reach for – that he must aim his arrow higher and higher. Through his constant aspirations he discovers that the Universe has systems and patterns through which he can truly understand Life and that he must aim his arrow high so that, by reaching for the highest pinnacles spiritually, his Soul can achieve its purpose. This is how an Olympian achieves – attains a Personal Best and then strives to beat it.

Jupiter is on a constant quest to explore, to go further. He always seeks to look at the big picture – he doesn’t want to get caught up in the minutiae of everyday life. And in a fire sign, as he is here, he has an idealism and a vision of what that big picture will look like. Now Fire will always leap over boundaries – as has been seen recently with devastating effects in California – and Jupiter in his own sign wants to cross the impossible boundaries and bridge Earth and Heaven.

However, whilst Jupiter aims high we must be mindful to keep grounded because Jupiter can become too enthusiastic, too optimistic, too righteously dogmatic, too careless because he is not interested in sweating the small stuff and rarely knows quite when to stop. So this energy will for sure encourage individuals to leap the hurdles, forget about the ‘what-ifs’ and see what that vision of the big picture would look like. And we sorely need this type of energy right now!

No planets are retrograde, so the energy is now forward moving. Mercury planet of the mind and communication is stationary before moving forward, so there is still a slight cautionary energy encouraging us to really take the time to consider the messages learned during his retrograde period – remember the key words: re-view, re-evaluate, re-assess – but this can help us to stay grounded. And with Mars and Neptune still in conflict with the New Moon, be conscious that clouded judgment and feelings of impotence may still try to hinder you from aiming those arrows high enough; instead concentrate on using your intuition as an asset to help you to harness the more positive energy of Mars and Neptune to courageously pursue your ideals. It may be that you just can’t see your exact goal – perhaps there is still an inner ongoing evolving process that you need to go through before you can truly see where you are heading for; and your actual target may be completely different from the one you imagined. Indeed, Jupiter as Lord of both Sagittarius and Pisces can assist you here as overall co-ordinator and strategist. But still aim your arrow as high as possible and trust that the Universe will know where to direct it.

Uranus, the Sky God, aspecting the Moon’s nodes, is also asking us as a collective to wake up and liberate ourselves from whatever our shackles and constraints may be by choosing the higher path so that we can move forward and fulfill our potentials.

Jupiter as Zeus was armed with a thunderbolt whilst Uranus, as Prometheus, gave man the gift of fire and his energy is so fast that it is just like a thunderbolt – so we have two potentially life-changing energies in the frame.

So as you choose your target be bold, dare to be different, acknowledge what is unique about you, imagine how you would be if you became your true authentic self. Then aim just that little bit higher than you think you can and shoot that new seed out of your arrow and allow it to bloom.

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Full Moon November 23rd, 2018

Full Moon November 23rd, 2018

At 5.39 a.m. (set for London) on November 23rd the Moon will be full at 0 degrees Gemini. 0 degrees of any sign speaks of the enthusiasm of youth of a sign, that kind of puppy like rawness of thought and action you get with the first flush of excitement of a feeling.

As an overview at this Full Moon, the Sun is sitting with a very strong Jupiter, in his own sign, and a retrograde Mercury. Added into the Full Moon mix we have a difficult aspect to Mars and Neptune in Pisces. So now let’s break this down into something meaningful.

Jupiter signifies expansion, so we can expect to see an excess of Sagittarian ‘stuff’. Jupiter’s nature is one of benevolence, but it can also manifest as a bit OTT and be seen as self-righteous or giving more promise than action. What we may see is an energy for truth, wisdom, freedom, travel, justice, fairness and good fortune. Mercury represents the mind, learning, thinking and communication and we must remind ourselves that the retrograde period does bring with it opportunities. Yes, we may have some communication glitches, but we also get the chance to re-view, re-assess, re-edit, re-evaluate and do all the things we keep putting off, which counterbalances Jupiter’s naturally ‘gung ho’ attitude with a little more caution of thought. Mercury doesn’t really like having to wear Sagittarius clothes, but here’s another opportunity. When we can’t dress as we would like we are taken out of our comfort zone and that’s exactly where we need to be at this Full Moon – having to look at situations where we perhaps feel uncomfortable but with the benefit of knowing that we need to look at a situation from a fresh angle with a different set of eyes.

Venus has moved from retrograde to direct and we can now take advantage of what we learned about relationships and our value systems during her retrograde period. Rising before the Sun, she is in ‘warrior’ mode as Ishtar and endeavours to help to bring some kind of enlightenment and new thinking to situations.

The Moon’s nodes, which I tend to think of on the one hand in terms of the gifts with which we have come into this life, and on the other hand as the direction and method with which we are meant to use these gifts, have also changed signs. They now sit in the Capricorn/Cancer axis, which for me speaks of using the gifts of responsibility, structure and solid hard work in an empathetic manner for the benefit of family, emotional health and the nurturing of ourselves and others on a soul level.

At the Full Moon the Sun and Moon sit exactly opposite each other – the one time they can see each other in full light. Soul and Spirit hoping to be perfectly balanced so that the shadow can be truly seen and released. However, at this Full Moon we should caution ourselves that the balance is not exactly perfect because the Moon sits on her own whilst the Sun sits with Jupiter and Mercury. So, on an inner level, you may feel outnumbered and with your back to the wall. It’s a bit like having three people sitting on one end of a see saw, and with Jupiter’s ebullience in the mix we may experience a likelihood of elements of excess, exaggerated behaviour, intolerance, foolhardiness, speaking without thinking and the desire for adventure and risk-taking; but also a desire to break free of restrictions in the search for the real truth and fairness. Also remember my earlier comment – we are out of our comfort zone taking advantage of an opportunity to deal with an issue from a fresh angle and with a different raw, young energy.

And now on to the real nitty gritty. This Full Moon makes a conflicting aspect to Mars in Pisces as well as Neptune. Mars’ normal warrior type energy is somewhat dissipated in Pisces and If not used correctly the natural Martian energy of fight and assertion could manifest as passive aggression and over-sensitivity, but if used on a soul level to help ourselves and others who are in need physically or with spiritual help, it has a lot more potential. Neptune brings clouded judgment, delusion, lies and fake news; but equally to intuitive thought and flashes of inspiration. This is because Neptune removes the boundaries, which in turn also means that we can let go of limited belief systems about our abilities and ourselves. Put Jupiter in this mix as well and we have the real possibility of taking this to sky high levels.

So, putting this all together, there is a choice at this Full Moon – use the energy for philanthropy and for the expansion of knowledge and wisdom as we search for the truth, or alternatively ‘fake news’, deception and dominance may come out in a passive/aggressive fashion.

And knowing all of this how do we deal best with the energy of this Full Moon? Firstly, we must ensure that we are coming at issues from a point of realism and not what just we want to see. We must use logic and our own mental abilities to focus on whether our ego is acting from the point of truth rather than super-sensitivity. Right brain and left brain must come together in the form of our third eye so that we use our highest levels of thought and intuition to fully focus on a higher good for ourselves and for others. And, because Mercury is retrograde and not wearing his favourite comfy clothes, we get to have a re-run view from another angle. Maybe embattled Mrs. May gets another chance too!!! So, be aware that there may be delusion or deception in the background but use the logic of the air element of Gemini to apply to an issue, alongside the Fire of Sagittarius that seeks both the truth and freedom.

This Full Moon in communicative Gemini wants us to search the aspects of self and ego that we not only fail to acknowledge but also project as something to dislike about others. We can easily project resentments of a perceived unfair life on to others as we seek to apportion blame rather than take our own personal responsibility. It can always be someone else’s fault, but it takes an honest and realistic person to acknowledge the shadow of the self and bring it into the light of the Full Moon. Once we make the shadow sides of ourselves conscious, we not only release the destructive element of the shadow we can also release that pot of gold on which our Sun is sitting. We must always remind ourselves that there is always something within the shadow that could be used for good – it’s just that leaving it in the shadows allows it to be like Medusa and keep growing one bad head after another. But, by being given the opportunity to look from another angle and with our third eye, we can see that shadow more clearly and release it with vigour and new energy.

So have courage at the Full Moon and allow yourself to see your shadow so that it can no longer undermine you and so that your personal ‘pot of gold’ can be released and bring nurture rather than destruction.

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New Moon November 7th, 2018

When we are born we are ensouled and given the Spirit of Life. Astrologically we can look to the Moon as our Soul – our inner emotional and behavioural patterns – that which is not tangible or seen. The Sun can be seen as our spirit – our visible walk through life and the vitality of our bodies. But, if we are to reach the fullest potential of our walk, then we must self-actualize, grow, evolve and transform through our lives. That part of the journey is not for everyone, however, because that takes hard work and effort as well as a certain amount of pain.

Holistically we speak of mind, body, spirit – I would prefer to think in terms of mind, spirit and soul – because all three of these need to be in harmony for our growth and self-actualization. Mercury astrologically represents the mind, how we think and how we communicate.

So, we have:
The Moon – our emotional needs and behavior patterns – the Soul.
The Sun – the vitality of our physical body and the path we walk in this life – the Spirit.
Mercury – the Mind, thinking and communication.
Additionally, we have the Ascendant (rising point) through which we unconsciously approach life and view the world we live in.

At the Full Moon we can release – the Sun and the Moon are opposite and can see each other, warts and all, and, therefore, all that no longer serves us can be released from the shadows.

At the New Moon the Sun and Moon are sitting together in perfect harmony, wearing the same clothes of the sign they are in; a perfect time for soul and spirit to set their intentions and sew new seeds.

In your own birthcharts the Sun and Moon may indeed be working in harmony, but sometimes they are not; this makes the journey of realizing potentials more challenging.

So, the New Moon of November 7th is wearing Scorpio clothes – or possibly I should say Scorpio battle armour, because Scorpio is such an intense, deep, probing, private and secretive sign. But if Scorpio can find its passion then it will truly have the potential to achieve mastery. This New Moon continues the Scorpio theme of the October 24th Full Moon, when we had the Moon in Taurus and Sun in Scorpio. It’s a time of endings and beginnings.

The theme for this New Moon is still about relationship and self worth– the wounds, the pains and how they affect our relationships with others. Venus is still retrograde, but has now moved out of Scorpio and back into Libra, Venus is strong in her own sign of Libra, allowing us to continue our exploration and review of relationship and self-worth issues, but with a stronger sense of being able to see changes that need to be made together with the corresponding actions that need to be taken.

New Moons are a time of a new seed and a new beginning – even if this is only in the form of an intention rather than a physical action. There is hardly any light at the New Moon, particularly just before its actual newness – a time we call ‘the dark of the Moon’, and the ideal time to plant a new seedling. A New Moon in Scorpio suggests secrets may come to the surface, as will long-held obsessions. Whereas the Full Moon in Taurus highlighted the need to identify what we possess and own – or what we would like to possess and have been hanging on to for grim death – the coming Scorpio energy is much more likely to purge and to reveal, to dig beneath the surface for what is hidden. So, at the New Moon, all these issues may come to the fore in order to be dealt with in the form of a new seed, a new intention.

At this New Moon we are helped by the ability to tap into the knowledge of the collective – the wisdom of the ancients that we kind of know but don’t always acknowledge that we do know. This collective knowledge is part of the long held wisdom of society as a whole, but it also contains the knowledge of the universe that we unknowingly and unconsciously tap into.

There is a ‘behind the scenes’ influence from the planet Saturn to this New Moon which suggests the need to put effort and work into any changes or new intentions that you wish to make and to truly accept responsibility for your own life direction and for ongoing issues – it always takes two to tango!; and above all the need to adopt a healthy dose of realism. Power struggles may rise to the surface but there is also opportunity here – an opportunity to acknowledge them and deal with them, even if we don’t really want to.

Jupiter is sitting right at the end of Scorpio, teetering on the point of moving into his own sign of Sagittarius. Jupiter is a bit weak in Scorpio but that will change very soon and for those with planets in the signs of Gemini, Pisces, Sagittarius and Virgo, this may be an opportunity for a change of luck or an opportunity waiting to be grabbed.

So, as we arrive at the dark of the new Moon, consider what your intentions are going to be so that, as the Moon becomes new, you can make ready your crystals, your visions or whatever other manifestation method you choose to employ and meditate on the new seeds of change.

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Artificial Intelligence – the Fourth Industrial Revolution


(A timeline using planetary cycles)

I wanted to write something on Artificial Intelligence because I believe we are on the brink of an AI technological revolution that will fundamentally alter the way we live, work, and relate to one another. Furthermore I believe the transformation will be unlike anything humankind has experienced before.
The First Industrial Revolution (in the 1700’s) used water and steam power to mechanize production. The Second (in the 1800’s) used electric power to create mass production. The Third (in the 1980’s) used electronics and information technology to automate production and create a digital revolution. Now a Fourth Industrial Revolution is building on this digital revolution with much more sophisticated technology bringing robotics, AI, nanotechnology, quantum computing, 3D printing, autonomous vehicles.
The speed of current breakthroughs has no historical precedent. When compared with previous industrial revolutions, the Fourth is evolving at an exponential rather than a linear pace and the changes are likely to transform entire systems of production, management, and governance.
Mobile devices with unprecedented processing power, storage capacity and access to knowledge will affect the daily lives of billions of people and this will increase exponentially as technological breakthroughs increase. I think it is interesting to show astrologically how it has developed – I have tried to keep both those with astrological knowledge as well as non-astrologers happy by showing the astrological connections without getting too bogged down in jargon. I hope I have explained it enough but if not please let me know and I will be happy to explain more.

For many of us the rapid progress of Artificial Intelligence feels like an alternative reality – the stuff of magic, Harry Potter and Hogwarts. But truly it seems likely that all the Harry Potter magic is likely to be achievable before too long and we will soon be playing Quidditch in virtual reality.

Raymond Kurzweil, in his book ‘The Singularity is Near, When Humans transcend Biology’, quotes Arthur C. Clarke’s third law – ‘any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic’. Now magic means different things to different belief systems and to different cultures, but we could define magic as ‘a technique for bringing about changes in the physical world through the force of one’s will’.

One definition of artificial intelligence would be intelligence demonstrated by machines, in contrast to the natural intelligence displayed by humans and other animals. But, to get to the point of having a machine capable of human intelligence, we first needed computer systems able to perform tasks such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making, and translation between languages.

So how does a computer mimic the human brain to create an artificial intelligence? In ‘How to Create a Brain’ Kurzweil suggests that our memories function sequentially and in order, and we access in the order remembered e.g. the alphabet. For instance, how many of us could actually recite the alphabet backwards? Kurzweil discusses the fact that, in order to get to Artificial Intelligence, the core task is to ‘understand, model and simulate the human brain in order to reverse-engineer the cerebral neocortex, which accounts for 80% of our brain.

If we were to perfectly model and simulate the human neocortex it would not be able to do very much, just as a newborn infant cannot do much, and that is because the brain works through learning and evolution – from a learning process which has been learned over thousands of lifetimes. So whilst we can simulate patterns, how do we reproduce the learned behaviours of the brain in order to progress Artificial Intelligence? Would a digital brain need a human narrative of its own fictional story so that it can pretend to be a biological human (maybe a bit like Westworld)?

Neo cortical plasticity allows the brain to learn and remember patterns in the sensory world, to refine movements and to recover function after injury. There is considerable plasticity in the brain which enables us to learn, but there is far greater plasticity in a computer. Therefore, a computer could emulate a brain but not vice versa. However, as I said, to get to the point where we are today – on the brink of an AI revolution – we had to first wait for the development of the computer itself.

For key developments through history astrologers look to the relationships between the outer planets – Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, as well as their relationship to Jupiter and Saturn – giving us a wide picture of planetary cycles. The archetypal meaning of these cycles permeates the collective unconscious of a generation and we can see a correlation between these and human development and evolution. So let’s look at this key development of computer knowledge alongside astrological archetypal/generational cycles and see how we got from the early beginnings of the computer to where we are today – the AI revolution.

The principle of the modern computer was proposed by Alan Turing in 1936 when he published his description of the Turing machine – Turing proved that if an algorithm can be written to solve a mathematical problem then a Turing machine can execute that algorithm- this formed the basis of ‘Turing complete’. At this point Saturn was in opposition to Neptune and square to Jupiter. Neptune speaks of being able to reach beyond limits and boundaries, whilst Jupiter expands the potentials and Saturn gives the ability to put structure into the ideas. Interestingly though, there were many similarities in the sky to now. We had just come out of a conflicting series of angles between Pluto and Uranus (Uranus= technology and revolution and Pluto = transformation) just as now. Uranus at this time was at the beginning of Taurus (as it is now), Pluto was in the late degrees of Cancer (exactly opposite to where it stands now) and Neptune also was at a similar degree but in the opposing sign to its current position. So many similarities between now, which appears to correlate with the start of the explosion of AI, and 1936, the beginnings of the technology required to be where we are now.

A hundred years before Turing, in the 1830’s, Charles Babbage had in fact created the field of software programming with his Analytical Engine which would have been the first mechanical device to be in principle Turing complete. 1821 was the beginning of a 170 year Uranus/Neptune cycle (the start of the next cycle in the early 1990’s brought the World Wide Web – so once again we can see a pattern). Uranus is the significator of technology whilst Neptune describes a world with no boundaries, a world that can be transcended. And this was the collective idea that Babbage bought into, albeit probably way ahead of his time because his discoveries were lost until the time of Alan Turing, who is generally regarded as the father of computers, but perhaps we have stopped short and we should actually regard him as the father of artificial intelligence. Turing was born with Uranus (technology) on his Midheaven (career point), not long after the Neptune (without limits)/Uranus (technology) opposition period in the cycle.

The famous Colossus was the world’s first electronic digital programmable computer, but it was not Turing complete. For this we had to wait for 1946 and ENIAC –Electronic Numerical Integration and computer. This was the first electronic programmable computer, similar to Colossus but faster and Turing complete. It was nicknamed the Giant Brain. At this point in time Uranus (technology and technological revolution) was trine Neptune (without boundaries) and Neptune sextile Pluto (transformation).

But it was the Manchester Small Scale Experiment which was the world’s first stored programme computer and the first working machine to contain all the elements essential to a modern electronic computer. Nicknamed ‘Baby’, the first programme ran in 1948 when Saturn (structure) conjoined Pluto (transformation), sextiled Neptune (without boundaries), and widely sextiled Uranus (technological revolution). It was the prototype for the Ferranti Mark I – the world’s first commercially available general purpose computer. Also in 1951 Turing published Computing Machinery and Intelligence, which would then become the Turing test and the concept of microprogramming was coined. We also saw the first artificial neural network and the first robotic spacecraft launched by Russia carrying two dogs. So what was in the sky then? Jupiter (expansion) opposite Neptune (no boundaries) both square to Uranus (technology).

As Uranus conjoined Jupiter, squared Neptune and Neptune sextiled Pluto in 1954 we saw the creation of CERN –the European Organisation for Nuclear Research. This was particularly important for the development of Artificial Intelligence because this would eventually lead us to the World Wide Web. Shortly after this, in 1956, the term Artificial Intelligence was first coined, followed a year later by the commercial usage of the first hard drive and the first artificial satellite, Sputnik 1.

In 1969, with Pluto conjunct Uranus, (the Pluto/Uranus cycle speaks of revolutionary transformation – just as in the 1930’s and where we are at now), the film Space Odyssey was released featuring Hal as a sentient computer – almost deja vue. Also at this point an algorithm for multi layer artificial neural networks was developed, contributing significantly to today’s success in deep learning. Plus the first ARPANET link came into use and it was this development which became the technical core of what would be the internet.

In 1980 as Saturn (structure) sextiled Uranus (technology) and squared Neptune (no boundaries), whilst Neptune sextiled Pluto (transformation), the micro computer revolution began. A price war meant that computers become affordable, just prior to the internet revolution. This was also the time of a Jupiter Saturn conjunction in the element of Air. Jupiter/Saturn cycles are indicators of socio economic cycles and, whilst they meet every 20 years or so, there is a wider cycle of 200+ years of their always meeting in the same element (fire, air, earth or water), with a rogue entry into the next element some while before the next full cycle begins. So this happened in 1980 (Air representing the mental, the ether), with the next full cycle beginning in 2020 (more on this in a future blog – but the current cycle which began in the 1850’s, in the earth element, heralded the second Industrial Revolution bringing mass production and capitalism. This rogue entry into the air element triggering the digital revolution gives us a glimpse into what we are likely to see at the full entry in 2020The Jupiter Saturn cycle of the 1700’s was in the fire element, bringing the steam power revolution of the first Industrial Revolution. 1980 was also the beginning of research into Quantum computing – computing using quantum-mechanical phenomena – which is likely to have a big impact on the progress of AI so that when we fully enter the next 200 years of Jupiter and Saturn meeting in air we will likely see the fourth Industrial Revolution in terms of intellect, intelligence and technological advancements the like of which we have not seen before.

And then we hit 1989. We had a Saturn/Uranus/Neptune conjunction with Neptune and Saturn sextile to Pluto (so this is a biggie!) and we had the milestone of the actual birth of the World Wide Web. This was also the beginning of the chatbot, the beginnings of IBM’s Watson (more on this later) and work on algorithms to a multi layer neural network. In 1993 as Neptune and Uranus were still tightly conjunct, CERN released the World Wide Web into the public domain.

Moving forward to 1996/7/98 we still had Neptune/Uranus conjunction in play and we saw the first mobile phone with internet connectivity and Deep Blue became the first chess playing programme to beat a reigning world chess champion. Deep Blue was capable of analysing the logical implications of 200 million board positions per second, whilst the chess master Kasparov reckoned he was capable of one per second. In 1997 the Tamagotchi, the first digital pet, was launched and in 1998 Google was founded. In 1999, whilst we still had a very wide Uranus Neptune conjunction, IBM started BlueGene to develop the supercomputer

Then, as Saturn squared Uranus and went on to trine Neptune, we experienced the upsurge in the founding of the private space developers – Bezos with Blue Origin in 2000, Musk with SpaceX in 2002 and, as Saturn reached a trine to Uranus, Branson founded Virgin Galactic in 2004. Facebook launched at this time too.

As Jupiter headed towards a conjunction with Pluto and squared Saturn in 2007 we saw the IBM Blue Gene/P – 2nd generation of supercomputer from which we have seen the creation of a cell by cell simulation of a portion of the human visual neocortex equivalent to a cat neocortex.

And as we arrive at the Pluto/Uranus square, (radical revolution, particularly in terms of technology – remember I spoke about this at the start of this article with Turing in 1936), which really started to come into play around 2008 and continued until 2018, we unsurprisingly really see the AI revolution massively ramping up. 2008 was the start of what we know as the InternetofThings, a network of physical devices, vehicles, home appliances, and other items embedded with technology which enables these things to connect and exchange data. Apparently the number of IoT devices increased 31% year-over-year to 8.4 billion in 2017 and it is estimated that there will be 30 billion devices by 2020. Embedded with technology, these devices can communicate and interact over the Internet, and they can be remotely monitored and controlled.

So what else have we seen since 2008?
• a mobile revolution with computers in the form of smartphones
• the first artificial cellular neocortical column of 10,000 cells was built.
• In 2009 as Saturn opposed Uranus Google built its driverless car
• Wolfram Alpha a computational knowledge engine launched
followed by the first internet link in space a year later.
• Americas first unmanned robotic spacecraft was launched
• Google Brain – deep learning artificial intelligence – mission to improve peoples lives by making machines smarter
• 2010 Instagram launches
• In 2011 SpaceX announces reusable launch system technology
• 3D printing had been around for a while but this was beginning of its usage.
• 2011 The first cognitive radio wireless regional area network standard was developed. CR can sense its environment and, without the intervention of the user, can adapt to the user’s communications needs
• 2011 SIRI, Cortana, GoogleNow, Alexa.
• 2011 Watson – a question answering system capable of answering questions – first developed for the quiz show Jeopardy. Had to be able to answer within a few seconds.
Watson had access to 200 million pages of structured and unstructured content. Watson outperformed the humans. If Watson can understand and respond to questions based on 200 million pages in three seconds
Watson gives us the thought that the advent of Turing level AI is close at hand.
• In 2012 as the Pluto Uranus square became exact, the general public were having conversations in natural spoken language with their handheld computers marking a new era.
• November 2013 – would make Watson API available to software app providers enabling them to build apps and services on the Watson platform.
• 2014 Google acquired DeepMind – co created a neural network that learns how to play games and a neural Turing Machine/neural network that may be able to access an eternal memory that mimics the short memory of the human brain.
• DeepDream – a convolutional neural network to find and enhance patterns in images via algorithmic pareidoia resemblance of imagery to LSD induced hallucinations.
• 2016 – the Pokemon craze as we enter the realms of virtual reality within a real world.

So we can really see how once we came into the Pluto/Uranus territory the technology available was really becoming much more sophisticated and growing at exponential levels.

But AI is no longer the territory of the American giants. Alibaba, a Chinese on line platform dealing mainly as an e-commerce marketplace, created their DAMO academy to work on emerging technologies, but AI appears to be their biggest focus. Alibaba has also released a cloud machine-learning platform and their technology supports several other companies’ deep-learning frameworks, e.g. Google and Amazon. Alibaba’s AI researchers are also working on generative adversarial networks or GANS, where two neural networks are pitted against one another. As one tries to generate data that seems as if it comes from a real data set, the other tries to distinguish real examples from fake ones. This allows computers to learn more efficiently from unlabelled data. Alibaba has an advantage in that the Chinese government is committed to AI, particularly with regard to the development of Smart city technology. One of Alibaba’s cloud AI tools is called City Brain, which is designed for tasks such as traffic management. So as China becomes more proficient in AI they will be an important part of this process.

Quantum computing is still in its infancy but many national governments and military agencies are funding research. Large scale quantum computers would theoretically be able to solve certain problems much more quickly than classical computers. Google IBM and some startups are competing to create the next generation of supercomputers using quantum technology and this they believe could help us to solve problems that our existing computers can’t even scratch the surface of, because they operate on completely diffierent principles to existing computers.

Salesforce has developed its myEinstein AI technology. AI is embedded within inanimate objects like cars, refrigerators, and clothing and these generate additional data by themselves millions of times a day. I was confidently told that these systems collect so much data that they know what I will buy before I even know I want it!!!!! It’s very clear how useful and how defining in terms of profits and production this information can be for companies. Businesses are going to be forced to buy into this technology or else they will be left lagging.

In 2020 we have a Jupiter Saturn Pluto line up in Capricorn which suggests to me a radical breakdown of systems and corporations as we know them. This occurs just before we begin a new Great Cycle of Jupiter/Saturn in the Air element beginning in 0 degrees of Aquarius. For me it is very significant that this begins at 0 degrees and Aquarius is such a sign of technology, unpredictability and radical difference. Then in 2025 Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto all change signs signifying large scale change. However, more on all of this at a later date.

The US Air Force is investing in hypersonics to catch up in the arms race with Russia and China, but is there already a hypersonic spy plane? Alongside hypersonics comes the need to be in control of space and, therefore, space weaponisation. Therefore, it is no surprise that the U.S. might use any excuse to put sanctions on China and Russia in order to slow down their technological development in this respect. A new phase in the element of Air would also be very symbolic in terms of space colonization, space technology and even space wars.

Hand in hand with hypersonics also comes nuclear fusion, which would likely mean the ability to get to Mars for instance in just three months. To reach nuclear fusion is to reach the temperature of the Sun meaning the need for oil becomes redundant and by using the power of the Sun the possibilities and distance ranges would be revolutionised. The success of the first two Industrial Revolutions in part depended upon the emergence and availability of fuels at a reasonable price. But if we don’t need oil..……now where will that take us? Artificial intelligence is all around us – we no longer have our hand on the controls. Almost every product we touch is designed in a collaboration between human and artificial intelligence and then built in automated factories. If all the AI systems decided to go on strike tomorrow our civilisation would be crippled. Fortunately our intelligent machines are not yet intelligent enough to organise such a conspiracy.

The robot or avatar of the future may be convincing in its emotional reactions and appear conscious. I think we can already signs of this. Will we merge with intelligent technology – indeed have parts of society already become a hybrid race, glued to smart phones. One recent study has demonstrated that British adults are likely to spend 24 hours a week online. Will intelligent nanobots in our bloodstream keep our biological bodies healthy in the future? Already artificial intelligence surrounds us – self driving cars, drones, virtual assistants. Driven by exponential increases in computing power this revolution has the potential to raise income levels and improve quality of life. However, it could also bring greater inequality and disrupt labour markets as jobs become redundant. The skill levels of the future will be unrecognizably different. The fourth Industrial Revolution will have an immense impact on how we will communicate (Air) for better or for worse. In 2016 Microsoft launched the Tay chatbot – an artificial intelligence application – an entertainment app for 18-24 year olds. However, it was shut down 24 hours after launch because the humans who engaged with Tay taught her to be racist and misogynic with Tay tweeting wildly inappropriate words and images. So we will have to learn how to manage the conflicts caused by this great digital revolution.

It is likely that we will not be able to increase the plasticity of the brain significantly without doing so non-biologically. As we learn to re create the neo cortex – the last bastian – then we will be able to make truly intelligent machines. And how long will it take for us to spread our intelligence in its non biological form throughout the universe? It seems that infusing the universe with our human intelligence in its non biological form is our destiny for good or for ill. Will we turn humanity into robots or will we take the opportunity to raise humanity to a different level of consciousness using the new technologies at hand for the greater good?

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Solar Eclipse – August 11, 2018

We are still in crazy eclipse season when energies seem to be magnified and you could be forgiven for thinking that life has become surreal and you’ve landed in the middle of the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party.   The third and last eclipse of this season, a partial solar eclipse, occurs on August 11that 10.57 a.m. set for London.  This eclipse takes place at 19 degrees of Leo, following on from the lunar eclipse of July 27that 5 degrees Aquarius and the solar eclipse of July 13that 21 degrees Cancer.


Calendar years have a minimum of four eclipses; this year we have five – three solar, at the New Moon, and two lunar, at the Full Moon.   The upcoming eclipse will be a partial solar eclipse, which occurs when the Moon does not completely cover the Sun’s disc and casts only its penumbra on Earth.


The term eclipse comes from the word ecliptic, which is the apparent path of the Sun as the earth orbits it.   At an eclipse the Earth, Moon and Sun form a straight line. With a Solar eclipse the light of the Sun is blocked as the Moon passes between the earth and the Sun, whilst during a Lunar eclipse the Moon loses its reflected light from the Sun as the Earth passes between the Sun and the Moon.


The ancients saw an eclipse, particularly a total eclipse, as a terrifying omen for their survival.   Today, whilst we still associate eclipses with powerful events, we link their effect with transits and with the general power of the Full and New Moons. This becomes particularly important because the power of an eclipse is not limited to just that day, or even that week – it is part of an overall and much more comprehensive process.


So this solar eclipse is wearing Leo clothes – the sign of someone who wants to lead, someone who may indeed be a drama queen, but who seeks attention, praise, admiration and adoration and will go about their day seeking this in whatever way they have learned to do so.  Leo is a fire sign and is signified by the Sun itself.  The Sun is the main luminary of the zodiac and as such carries the light, fire and vitality needed to illuminate the path on which we are destined to tread.


At the solar eclipse, however, the Sun is eclipsed as the Moon blocks the light of the Sun.    The Moon represents our inner emotions and needs, our behaviour patterns, how we need to be nurtured and as such our inner child.    So, on a personal level it is important to question at this eclipse point what it actually is that your inner child needs right now in order to gain its rewards.    It’s a time to search your soul to discover what you truly need within yourself to feel acknowledged, worthwhile and important.


A New Moon is always a new seed – a time to start off differently.  This New Moon sits with the asteroid Pallas Athena and Mercury, the planet of the mind and communication.   Pallas Athena is essentially a warrior goddess, but she works in terms of wisdom by stimulating one’s mental creativity to break down existing patterns and thereby enabling enlightenment as to how to bring about different life structures.   In this respect Pallas Athena and Mercury make good companions here.   However, around the time of the eclipse they are both sitting so close to the Sun that their energy is being burned and consumed.  But, for a brief time, the light of the Sun will be eclipsed by the Moon, so if you can get some sudden bursts of inspiration take them on board and use them, because if you are operating from a place where some of your learned behavior patterns no longer serve you (and lets face it most of us do) then take this point as an opportunity to start off a new seed, a new regime, a new section of the path.


Leo is the heart of the lion – so what does your heart desire, what does it want for you?   The Sun and Moon at this eclipse make a conflicting aspect to Jupiter, which suggests that to get to this heart’s desire we may have to take a risk and gamble – a leap of faith – so you will have to weigh up any risks involved.  However, the road that needs to be navigated would be best done through spirituality, compassion, gentleness and nurture rather than aggression, because Jupiter is making a tight positive aspect with Neptune.  Both Jupiter and Pallas Athena, however, add the ability for strategic planning, so this is a time for leaders to have the potential to be able to take a strategic overview and nurture their people in order to bring about better results for the future.



On a more ‘mundane’ level (mundane in astrology speaks of nations, politics, economies, as opposed to mundane as in boring) it is interesting to note how these three recent eclipses have resonated with several of the Royal Family’s charts.  The Queen’s chart was hit by the first eclipse and this upcoming one, Prince Phillip by the upcoming eclipse, Prince Charles by this and the most recent eclipse, whilst Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, resonates to all three.   So perhaps something to do with the Queen’s reign is rumbling in the palace corridors.


The UK chart also resonates to this eclipse and the first one of the three, whilst the UK Stock Exchange has been hit by all three.    There has been a rise in base rates by the Bank of England but I wonder if there will be some news which might hit share prices.  We are currently in one of the longest bull markets we have ever seen.  The “Post Crisis” bull market that began on March 9, 2009, is now more than 9.4 years old, making it the longest-lived “Great Expansion” bull except for the one that lasted from October 11, 1990, to March 24, 2000 (9.5 years),    However, I’m tempted to consider that there will be greater volatility seen in the latter quarter of this year.    The EU chart is also triggered by this upcoming eclipse – I could wishfully hope that this might be good news for the UK Brexit negotiations but I’m not holding my breath.


We must never forget the influence of the Sun on our everyday lives – the Sun is the centre of our universe.   And I think we have all indeed felt its heat over the last few weeks!!   The Sun’s magnetic power has increased by over 230% since the 1970’s and observers have noted physical changes in the planets, e.g. melting ice caps on Mars, an atmosphere growing around the Moon and Saturn emitting x-rays.   During 2018 we have so far had 116 days without sunspots, which suggests we are rapidly approaching Solar Minimum, (originally forecasted for 2019/20).   Solar Minimums also often coincide with market downturns – just another pointer economically.


Our universe is changing and perhaps eclipses serve as a reminder that we ignore this at our peril.  As well as the way that Man contributes to the downfall of the planet, archetypal energies also serve as a reminder that nothing stays the same; everything works in patterns and cycles and we should become much more aware of the signals that we are given.


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Lunar Eclipse

Lunar Eclipse July 27th, 2018

On Friday July 27th at 9.20p.m. in London we have a highly charged total lunar eclipse. A lunar eclipse occurs at a Full Moon when the Moon passes behind the Earth and is in the Earth’s shadow. It will appear blood red due to the Sun’s light in the Earth’s atmosphere refracting – and apparently red light travels faster than the other colours. Well, who knew that?! Additionally, the Moon will be sitting next to the red planet Mars, which will increase the illusion of redness.

Eclipse season is always crazy energy, but the ancients took great notice of the omens that eclipses gave them. Visible across Asia, Japan, Korea, South America, and parts of Africa and Southern Europe, this eclipse will be the longest eclipse so far of the century and this will increase its power. Japan is already seeing a major heatwave, far worse than ours, and we may see issues in Korea or Pakistan.

This eclipse is long in duration because the Moon is at its furthest from Earth and it takes longer to pass through the shadow of the Earth. So, because it is so far from Earth the Moon will appear smaller than normal, whilst Mars is at its closest to Earth and should be visible next to the Moon.

This Moon will be full at 4 degrees of Aquarius and will, therefore, have its greatest effect on the early degrees of the fixed signs – Leo, Aquarius, Taurus and Scorpio.

The Sun in its own sign of Leo is desperate to shine, to receive praise and admiration. But the Moon is eclipsed, and the Moon is the Sun’s audience. So, this Sun has to learn to let go of the needs of his ego. He has to learn to trust that his own abilities within him are strong enough. That means he has to look inside himself and find his own sense of self-worth. He has to give himself up to the numinous and work without his efforts being recognised. The Sun is strong – he is in his own sign and, although he can’t see it, his capabilities are strong too. Basically, he has to learn to find strength from within rather than from without, so he can understand that he can put his past behavioural patterns behind him and continue on his own path, true to the one that he is meant to tread which will fulfil his soul’s purpose.

At this eclipse five planets are retrograde – Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto. When planets are retrograde their energy is slowed but on the positive side it gives an opportunity to re-assess, re-view, re-work. Mars retrograde and eclipsed may be a tad more problematic, particularly as the eclipse makes a difficult aspect to Uranus, which gives the energy a more rebellious, more revolutionary feel. Radical changes may hit out of the blue as the masculine and the old ways are eclipsed. We may see a release of repressed angry feelings but let them out and recognise them for what they are. They are of no use to you and they hold you back. It may seem hard at first to deal with, but the ultimate ideal is that recognising them for what they are and letting go of these past patterns will ultimately liberate you from the restrictions of the old ways that no longer serve any purpose whatsoever. Saturn is strong in his own sign and he makes a positive angle to Uranus so if you can do this you will find support. You may have to dig deep to find your courage, but you can really make the energy of this eclipse count in a positive fashion if your mind can view it from a different angle.

Take care folks during the crazy energy of eclipse season – there’s another one following in August, this time a solar eclipse.

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